Pawns ears. What to do? What are the reasons for this?

Very often, people are faced with a problem whensuddenly lays his ears. What to do in this situation? To begin with, of course, you need to find out why it all happened at all. In general, the external auditory organs of a person have a rather unusual structure. The ears are quite sensitive to various kinds of changes, for example, of a climatic nature. In addition, it should be noted that even very small jumps in atmospheric pressure can lead to the fact that a person lays his ears. What to do, how to get rid of the feeling of vacuum? We will try to understand this issue.

So, as mentioned above, the ears are verynot an easy body. The human ear is directly connected to the so-called pharynx with the help of the Eustachian tube. If a person lays his ears, the reason for this is simply necessary to find out. This is most often the so-called tubootitis. That is how experts call the disease, which causes inflammation of the Eustachian tube. Often, the flu or severe cold causes this inflammatory process in the organs of hearing. In addition, polyps, adenoids or sinusitis can be the cause of tubo-otitis.

Patients often complain to their doctors thatthey almost every day lays ears. What to do in such a situation can only be prompted by an experienced specialist. In most cases, a similar situation is typical for people who have experienced sudden changes in blood pressure, brain injury or coronary disease. It is for this reason that if you have ears, what to do, and what causes of this phenomenon you do not know, and there are no signs of flu or a cold, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Many people in childhood tolerate suchdiseases like otitis in severe form. As a result, a person simply simply forms a large number of scars on the so-called eardrum. Subsequently, a person who has had this form of otitis, periodically lays his ears. Unfortunately, to cope with this in a similar situation with the help of any medication is impossible.

Ears can pawn and in people who do notsuffer from any of the diseases described above. For example, when driving in an elevator or flying on an airplane, a rather sharp decrease and increase in atmospheric pressure occurs. As a result, for some time people may not hear the sounds around them. This phenomenon is considered the norm, do not worry about it. It will take several minutes, and your hearing will be restored.

Probably many at least once in life in the earswater fell. The fluid then enters the Eustachian tube. If this happens to you, try to gently clean it with an ordinary cotton swab. He will quickly absorb all the excess moisture, and the hearing will return.

If none of the above is applicableyour situation, and find out why laying your ears is simply necessary, try to gently clean the ear with cotton swabs. For some people, so-called sulfur plugs can form, which create a sense of vacuum.

In conclusion, I would like to note that to monitoreveryone’s health must be theirs. Remember that various colds contribute to the onset of inflammatory processes not only in the respiratory organs, the nasal cavity, but also in the auditory organs. Do not use sharp objects when cleaning the auricles. You can damage not only the eardrum, but also the surface of the ear, which will have a negative effect on the hearing. In addition, it is imperative to complete the treatment of even minor colds. This is the only way to keep a good ear.