How to treat a rash on the face of an adult

Rashes on the face of an adult can be caused by a variety of reasons. Consider the most common of them.

Why does the rash appear?

It would seem that a small rash on the face is moreis characteristic of children (diathesis, allergic reactions) and adolescents (so-called youthful acne). An adult with inflamed skin looks, to put it mildly, strange. However, this phenomenon is quite widespread. As the most frequent factors provoking the appearance of rash, dermatologists call infectious diseases, all sorts of dermatitis and, surprisingly, stress.

rash on the face of an adult

Possible reasons

In addition, the rash on the face of an adult may beis caused by reaction to poor-quality products or alcoholic beverages. Overdue or substandard cosmetics (creams, lotions, facial cleansers) can also affect the condition of the skin in the best way. You woke up with a face covered with spots, although the day before everything was fine? Remember: were you not overcooled yesterday? Or, conversely, too long in the sun? In addition, in some cases, skin rashes are a sign of hormonal imbalance.


It should be noted that the human epidermison different parts of the body has its own individual biochemical and anatomical features. Therefore, in most cases, the doctor can diagnose, based on the localization of skin rashes. For example, a rash on the face of an adult is one of the signs of syphilis, seborrheic dermatitis, a flaming nevus, and the familiar to all fans of "Dr. House" of lupus. If the rashes look like plaques and do not differ in color from healthy skin areas, they can be acne vulgaris, flat warts, candida molluscum or sunny keratosis.

rash on face treatment

Possible diseases

Rashes on the face of an adult, if it is differentred color, is considered a sign of secondary syphilis, dermatomyositis, erysipelas, sarcoidosis. In addition, the patient can be diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, chronic dermatitis or telangiectatic granuloma. Does the rash look like blisters? Chances are great that the patient begins to swelling Quincke. If the rashes resemble scales, it indicates a deficiency of zinc, psoriasis or dermatitis. In the event that the patient's face covers the small sores, it is necessary to pass a series of tests to verify the absence of malignant neoplasms.

small rash on the face
Facial rash: treatment

Before starting treatment, it is necessaryestablish the cause of the rash. Self-medication in some cases can be not only completely useless, but also lead to the most serious consequences. If your skin problems are caused by hormonal adjustment or neglect to hygiene rules, follow a few simple recommendations. First, try not to buy caring and decorative cosmetics in questionable stalls and shops, cream and gels for washing are best purchased at the pharmacy. Do not be in the sun without a protective cream. Do not abuse sweet and fatty foods. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Do not let anyone take your personal belongings: towels, handkerchiefs, sponges.