A rash in the child's neck

Small children are subject to a wide variety ofdiseases. A weak body is not able to fight infections, so young moms must carefully monitor compliance with all hygiene rules. One of the most common problems that cause bewilderment in inexperienced parents was a rash on the neck. The reasons for this phenomenon can be quite harmless, but may also indicate a dangerous disease. In most cases, parents are sure that such a rash is an allergy. It is possible that they are right. However, it is better to get acquainted with other reasons for its appearance. If the rash on your neck itches - the probability of an infectious disease is high.

Some young children suffer from sweating. It is a small pink rash on the neck and other parts of the body. This is the most innocuous reason for appearance. Sweating occurs as a result of inattentive treatment of the baby, poor care for his hygiene. Parents of such a child usually forget to wash the child once again, to change diapers and clothes. Sometimes the cause of sweating is overheating. This disease is completely harmless and unaffected. It does not raise the body temperature, does not cause any additional ailments, causing the baby only mild discomfort.

How to treat a chicken? Just buy a baby with baby soap, which slightly dehydrates the skin, change all clothes and diapers. Powder the neck of your child with a special powder or talcum powder. Do not repeat your previous mistakes, taking good care of the baby's hygiene.

Rashes on the neck also cause seriousinfectious diseases. Small bubbles of a rash of white or slightly yellowish color can indicate to the competent doctor for the appearance of vesiculopustule. These are pustular eruptions caused by staphylococcus. The infection gets from the burst bubbles of pus to other parts of the body, rapidly spreading throughout the surface of the skin of the baby. On the instructions of the doctor, parents cauterize such a rash with a solution of potassium permanganate or zelenok.

Rash on the neck can be a bright signscarlet fever. The onset of the disease is accompanied by fever, vomiting and sore throat, so you can not help but notice this unpleasant disease. At the beginning of scarlet fever on the face, neck and below the abdomen appears a small, barely noticeable rash, similar to semolina. This disease can cause dangerous complications, so strictly adhere to the entire course of treatment prescribed by the doctor. Your baby will have to drink antibiotics, it is necessary to limit his communication with other children. Scarlet fever can develop within two years after exposure to the infection. It is transmitted not only when communicating with an infected child, but also through dishes or toys.

Measles causes a large bright rash, which firstcovers the neck and face, and then shifts to the rest of the body. The first days the child suffers from a high fever, a sharp cough and a cold, his eyes may blush. The rash appears after a few days. Measles can lead to dangerous complications - such as pneumonia and measles bronchitis.

The cause of the rash may be chickenpox or rubella.These are very contagious diseases that do not cause serious harm to the child. Chickenpox doctors recommend cauterizing the green, and the rash of rubella soon passes itself. In some cases, these diseases are accompanied by high fever or sore throat, but usually young children suffer from chickenpox and rubella very easily.

An allergic rash usually appears on theelbows and knees. It quickly passes after taking the necessary drug, prescribed by an allergist. Sometimes an allergic rash spreads to the entire body, but it is extremely rare.

In any case, the rash on the child's body is an occasion to visit the doctor. Only the doctor will be able to determine the cause of its occurrence and prescribe the necessary treatment.