How to properly register in the employment center

Loss of work is a financial crisis for anyrights. If you can not find it yourself quickly, then the only way out is to register with the employment center. Do this as soon as possible, within two weeks after the cut, otherwise you can lose money. It will require some list of documents and some recommendations that help to prevent disagreements.

register with the employment center

The labor legislation of Russia provides forThe duty of the employer to pay the shortened employee a salary for 2 months. If he is unable to find a suitable position for the third month, then management should receive a certificate from the employment center, then another month will be paid. But for this, the former employee must register at the labor exchange within two weeks. Everything must be strictly observed, because the law begins to pay the allowance only from the fourth month.

An employee who was fired for another reason,or the one who left at his own will, also immediately must register at the employment center. Then he immediately begins to receive unemployment benefits. Those who managed to register from the 1st date are given a monetary sum for a whole month. If the unemployed person was able to do this in the middle of the period, he would receive half of the allowance.

The list of documents that are necessary to register with the employment center:

Employment Center of the Russian Federation

- certificate of the average salary (2-NDFL);

- passport;

- pension insurance certificate;

- certificate of availability of TIN;

- document on education (certificate, certificate, diploma without a liner).

If a person has applied to the labor exchange,has never been employed or does not plan this within a year, he will need only an educational document. If a former employee is going to register in the employment center, one must be prepared for the fact that with the help of the form 2-NDFL sometimes there are difficulties due to an error in filling it with accountants, which can prolong the registration. To avoid this, you should check the correctness of the document.

First, at the top of it must bestamp with the presence of the legal address of the enterprise and its taxpayer identification number. In the column with the number of worked weeks should be a figure not more than 52. It must be signed by the director and chief accountant. If in the company where the employee worked, this is one person, before the position of the latter it is required to put the mark "i.o.".

register with the employment center

After I managed to get registered in the centeremployment, it will be necessary to walk and be fixed in it twice a month, otherwise they can reduce the allowance or even cancel it altogether. When the corresponding qualification of the job is completed, a person will receive a referral for an interview, which should be visited no later than three days. Refusing from two completely suitable offers, the unemployed is deprived of payment. If in a year there is no desired post, then a person will have the right to offer any.

All those who have passed the registration should not be divulged about the availability of sub-work, otherwise the employment center of the Russian Federation will demand to return all the benefits paid.