Labor contract with an employee as a way of regulating labor relations

Well thought out and correctly designed textcontract - guarantee of fruitful and mutually beneficial relations. But few employers pay due attention to its drafting. Common phrases and absolutely meaningless language are used, which are used in most such agreements. Of course, in free access an example of an employment contract with an employee can be found on the Internet, but to make a legally competent document, its adaptation to a specific organization is required.

Employment contract with an employee
Why make a contract?

This is a legal document that represents a bilateral agreement between the employer and the worker, where the obligations of the parties are legally fixed:

  • The employment contract with the employee clearly stipulates the internal regulations of the enterprise, which the employee must observe.
  • In the agreement of this type, the labor functions and the official duties of the subordinate are determined.
  • An employment contract with an employee controls his actions, thereby enabling him to take disciplinary and material measures.

Such a legal instrument is required to protectrights of the worker. Before signing a paper, it is recommended to study it in detail. It is the workers' labor contract that will serve as the main document that will help prove the wrongful actions on the part of the employer.

example of an employment contract with an employee
What should be indicated

- Full name of the employer;

- Full name of the applicant;

- place of work;

- position, professional functions and labor obligations;

- the agreed period of the contract;

- the amount of labor salary and the tariff rate;

- labor protection provided by the employer;

- annual leave and its duration;

- mode and amount of working time;

- social insurance.

Additional conditions:

- probation;

- combination of posts;

- additional payments;

- training.

labor contract workers
The labor contract with the employee is concluded with hishiring in writing and serves as an actual admission to the production process. In this case, it is considered valid, regardless of the official registration. If the worker has started to work without signing the contract, then it can be issued within the next three days from the moment of commencement of his activity.

Usually, the employment contract with the employee is made at the main place of the production process. It is also possible to arrange an agreement on a temporary place of work, in combination with homeworkers.

Change in the conditions of an earlier concluded agreement

The Labor Code allows for changes in the conditionswork without changing its specifics. At the same time, the worker must be notified about them no later than two months before they come into force. In case of his refusal to work on new conditions in writing, the higher management is obliged to propose, in accordance with the qualifications and state of health of the employee, similar activities at the enterprise. You should know that various kinds of changes should be argued, otherwise it is considered a violation of the contract and allows you to apply with the statement of claim in court.