How to put the car on the account in the traffic police under the new rules?

How to put the car on the account in the traffic police? This question is asked not only by young peopledrivers who have recently purchased a car, but also experienced noisy men. The reasons for concern can be many: from ignorance, what documents are needed for this, to the fear of being held in the traffic police all day, standing in line.

how to put the car on the account in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

New rules

Most recently, the registration procedure for the car has been changed. Some provisions of the current system have become simpler.

  • The contract of sale is not subject to compulsoryassurance from a notary. Now you can write it yourself or find it on the Internet and print it. It should be noted that the buyer must re-register the car in his name for 10 days from the signing of the contract.
  • Where can I put the car on the register? Under the new rules, this procedure can now be carried out in any region of Russia, regardless of the buyer's registration.
  • License plates can now be left that arewere with the previous owner. But there is one "but" - they should be read well. If the numbers are worn or scratched, you will have to make a duplicate of them, otherwise the car will not be registered. If you want to change the numbers for new ones, write the appropriate application.
    where you can put the machine on the register


So, what do you need to put the car on the register?

  • A document in which there is evidence that the right to own this car belongs to you. As a rule, they are a contract of sale.
  • Passport of the vehicle (abbreviated as PTS).
  • Receipt for payment of taxes for state duty. If the new owner decided to leave the available car numbers, the amount of payment will be only 500 rubles. If you want to change the registration marks for the new state duty will be 2000 rubles.
  • Insurance for the car. If the number does not change, then in this document it remains the same. At new registration marks in the policy of obligatory insurance all necessary data will be brought after their reception.
  • Passport of the new car owner. For the delivery of documents you can make a photocopy, but the original with you must have.
    what you need to put the car on the register

How to put the car on the account in the traffic police: the order

Once all the necessary documents have been collected, theirshould be handed over to the state inspector, fill out the application for registration and, having received a card for the reconciliation procedure, drive the car to a special site. There she will be inspected by a technician. He will check the engine and body numbers.

How to put the car on the account in the traffic police quickly? To do this, all the places where the VIN-code of the engine is located, it is necessary to wipe off dirt and, if necessary, to release access to them.

After reconciling the numbers, the traffic inspector issues an act witha positive conclusion that must be submitted to the same window where all other documents were submitted. But in some cases, the car registration can be provided. For example, if the machine has certain parts not factory-made.

By the time processing of documents takes no more than 30 minutes. Of course, with a large number of people who now know exactly how to put the car on record in the traffic police, you will have to wait a little longer.