Penalty for late registration of a vehicle

Today we have to find out what is the penalty foruntimely registration of a vehicle. The thing is that this issue is of interest to many drivers. And it's not easy to answer it. Drivers have special rules that will have to be met if a person wants to have the right to drive a vehicle. Failure to meet the established requirements can lead to huge troubles. But which one? And how to register a vehicle? All this will be discussed later.

penalty for late registration

Right or duty

First, it is worth examining whetherin general, the penalty for late registration of the car. As already mentioned, the drivers have a variety of rules that allow you to drive without problems. In some cases, registration or inspection of cars can be avoided. But what about registration?

It's all about the fact that this process isduty. According to the established rules, every car must be registered. Without observing this rule, you can not travel on this or that vehicle to the road.

When to register

Before you find out what is the penalty for the late registration of the car, it is important to know in which situations it is necessary to think about this process. And how often to implement it.

According to established rules, registration -this is a single process. It is enough to hold it only once. And if there are no grounds for the re-registration of the car, you can no longer think about the process. The registration deadline is unlimited.

penalty for late registration of a car

But the production is necessary in the following cases:

  • long travel outside the country;
  • long stay in another city;
  • primary purchase of cars;
  • change of the owner of the vehicle.

In all these situations, you have to think about how to conduct the registration of the vehicle. But what punishment to wait in this or that case?

What time is it

That there is a penalty for untimelyregistration, it is necessary to know. But only first you have to understand how much time a citizen is allocated to the process. This especially applies to situations that arise after the purchase of a vehicle.

We'll have to hurry. After the conclusion of a transaction, the car must be registered for registration no later than 10 days. More precisely, it is necessary not to have a registration, but to submit an application for primary registration or re-registration within the specified time. Otherwise, a certain punishment will follow.

Fine for individuals

It is expressed in fine. The amount of penalties will differ - it all depends on the specific situation. Often, exact amounts are set at the regional level, and the law only regulates certain restrictions on the maximum and minimum payout.

An untimely statement was made on thecar accounting? The fine of 2016, established for individuals, is from 1,500 to 2,000 rubles. It will have to be paid before the main procedure for registering the vehicle. Otherwise, in the process simply refuse.

late registration of the car fine of 2016

It does not matter which transport is involved. The thing is that all the vehicles must be registered. This applies to buses, and cars, and motorcycles. All vehicles with motor and numbers must be registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

Legal entities

What else to pay attention to? It has already been said that the penalty for late registration with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate will differ depending on the status of the citizen. With individuals, ordinary drivers, everything is clear. And what about when it comes to legal entities?

They will have to pay considerably more. Penalty for traffic police for late registration For vehicles in Russia in 2016 is set in the range of 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

A small nuance - you will have to pay for each vehicle, which is subject to registration, separately. This should be remembered by every legal entity of the Russian Federation.


But that's not all. In addition to the previously listed categories of citizens, in Russia, payers can be assigned to officials. They are fined for the late registration of a vehicle in a slightly different size.

Officials will have to pay a total of 2up to 3,5 thousand rubles. But, again, for each car separately. Perhaps, these are all categories of the population that are subject to punishment in various sizes. More information about the impending payment the intruder learns directly in the traffic police. As already mentioned, the penalty payments are appointed individually. In practice, the maximum punishment is the maximum.

what is the penalty for late registration


But that is not all. Do not think that the lack of registration of a vehicle - this is the only punishment of a negligent driver. In the rules, which dictate the legislation, some encumbrance is established. It can bring a lot of trouble.

What is it about? Management of a vehicle that was not on time in the GIBDD is also a violation. It is subject to a fine. The driver who made this mistake, fined in the range from 600 to 800 rubles. This is only for the primary detection of a violation.

It happens that even a fine does not motivate the driverfor registration in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of a particular vehicle. For re-driving a car that has not been registered in accordance with the established procedure, a more serious penalty is required. Namely - a fine of up to 5,000 rubles.

amount of penalty for late registration

In some cases, for repeated managementa car without registration can take away a driving license. How much? In this case it is necessary to lose the driver's rights for a maximum of 3 months. No one can say exactly what kind of development will happen. But the driver should take all possible penalties.

Changes in the rules

Now it is clear what penalty for lateregistration is based on this or that case. It has already been said that all cars must be registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Some changes have recently taken place in Russia. They give a lot of trouble to the owners of motor vehicles. Why?

All due to the fact that from now on registration is subject tomore vehicles. According to the established rules, owners of ATVs and snowmobiles of the motorcycle category should contact the STSI for registration. A more complete list is recommended to be found directly in the traffic police. Then you can not be afraid of fines or deprivation of a driver's license.

Where to go

And where to apply in order to conductvehicle registration? This question interests many drivers. After all, that there were no violations, it is necessary to know the procedure for carrying out this or that procedure.

fine for an untimely registration

To register a car you can contact:

  • to the portal "State Service";
  • to the regional department of the State Automobile Inspection or the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • in the MFC (not everywhere).

There are no other options. As a rule, people try to come to the traffic police in the registration departments. There, the process of re-registration or primary registration takes place in just a few minutes. Especially taking into account the latest changes - when changing the owner of the car, it is possible to carry out the procedure of removing the vehicle from the register and re-registration at the same time. This rule greatly facilitates life when buying used vehicles.


It is clear, what is the penalty for untimelyregistration of a motorcycle or any other transport. And how to register a vehicle? What documents are needed for this? Much depends on the situation. But, as a rule, you need to take with you to the traffic police:

  • application for registration;
  • certificate of ownership of the car;
  • document-basis of changes (contract of sale, donative and so on);
  • technical passport of the vehicle;
  • the identity card of the citizen;
  • a receipt for payment of the fine (if any);
  • documents indicating the legality of the acquisition of cars (checks, for example).

Nothing more is needed. And how does the registration process take place? Every citizen should also be aware of this. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems.

penalty for late registration of cars

Re-registration procedure

Now a little about how the procedure should go. In fact, there is nothing difficult in re-registering cars. The process can be described as follows:

  1. A citizen collects a certain package of documents. They have already been mentioned earlier.
  2. The driver comes to the traffic police and writes the application of the established model for registration. The package of documents is enclosed in the original and copies.
  3. The vehicle is inspected by traffic police.
  4. After a technical inspection, the citizen is given the numbers for the vehicle, and also makes changes about the owner of the car in a special base.

That's all. There is nothing difficult or special. Observing all these rules, it is not necessary to know the amount of the penalty for the late registration of a vehicle. After all, a citizen simply has nothing to fear. He will be able to implement the idea in the shortest possible time. The only thing that is important to remember - after a transaction of a particular type is necessary to come to the traffic police with an application for the registration of the car within 10 days.