The contract. Basic Rules of Registration

Every person constantly makes deals,often without even thinking about it. After all, whether we buy bread in a store or learn English on Skype with a carrier, we become participants in contractual relations. In some cases, transactions are concluded verbally, in others in writing, in third and in general the contract is considered concluded only after its state registration.

Learn about the features of a particular type of transactionfollows before it is signed. If the transaction is important and significant, it is better to enlist the support of professionals by subjecting the document to legal expertise.

It happens that the parties did not foresee importantmoments, which, in turn, are not settled by any dispositive norm. In this case, they will be determined by the customs of business turnover. However, in the event of a dispute between the parties to the transaction, their position will have to be defended in court.

The duration of the general rule is establishedits parties. They can agree that the conditions of the transaction concluded by them extend to the previously arisen relations, they can establish the deadline for the termination of the contract or not establish it, etc.

Of course, much depends on the type of transaction. Taking English lessons on Skype, we become the customer for the transaction about the provision of services, and buying TV - purchase and sale. Depending on this, the essential conditions, those without which the contract is considered not concluded, will also vary.

The law provides for freedom of contract. This means that the parties can agree on anything, including even such a transaction that the current legislation does not provide. The main thing is that these agreements do not contradict the legislation. In this case we are talking about mandatory (mandatory) norms. Conditions that are contrary to the law are considered null and void. In some cases this may lead to the recognition of a void contract itself.

Transactions are different: paid and free of charge. The latter, for example, can include a gift agreement. But, as a general rule, the contract is assumed to be paid for, except for cases when otherwise provided by law, the essence of the obligation or content.

The basic normative legal act,establishing general provisions on contracts and special for certain types of transactions, is the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In addition, the rules governing certain types of transactions, contain other federal and local laws.