Regulation of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and its features

As a rule, the GIBDD regulations are a set ofprescribed standards of conduct, requirements and duties that all representatives of the law must take into account and apply in practice. This document has the function of supervising the behavior of all road users and presupposes certain penalties for those who violate the rules. It is important to know that in each country there is a special regulation of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, which is designed and created taking into account the peculiarities of traffic, as well as the moral foundations and habits of this or that society. However, the principle of his work is one and consists in the rights and duties of traffic police in relation to drivers of various vehicles and pedestrians.

Regulations GIBDD

Administrative regulations of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate -which can be published in full or in an abbreviated version. In the second case, when the set of norms is released in its incomplete form, it is available for every citizen of the country. Sometimes it is extremely important to read it and drivers, in order to know how to behave in different traffic situations and what representatives of traffic police can take. The regulations of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, issued in the full version, are available only to the employees of the relevant bodies, since it contains in some way classified materials of national importance. Undoubtedly, before the release or updates, the document is carefully checked and approved (or rejected for some reason) by government agencies. As a result, it is signed by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Among the participants of road traffic in the territoryRussia can be identified as citizens of this country, and its guests, visitors and tourists who can move on their own cars or on leased ones.

New regulation of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate
In any case, they are fullparticipants of the traffic on the highways of cities and regions, and in this regard, they must take into account all the features of traffic rules, which are specific for the Russian Federation. In the event of a conflict situation, the traffic police officers will act as required by the regulations of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.
Administrative Regulations of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

As in all other spheres of life, in the roadpractice is constantly changing and updating. So, the new regulation of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate also presupposes some formal measures of behavior, which, however, every employee of the relevant bodies must strictly adhere to. First of all, the representative should greet the driver, name his / her position and surname, and only after voice the reason for the stop. His tone should be polite and affable, even if the driver is sitting an obvious violator of traffic rules. Also, the traffic police officer should listen to the driver and only after that make a decision. Of course, it will have to be based on legitimate methods and the constitution.

In general, the regulations of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate determine a very widethe range of powers of employees, among which it is possible to note not only the control of traffic and pedestrians, but also checking documents, numbers and coupons of vehicle inspection, drafting protocols, administrative detention, and so on. However, all these actions must have a legal basis, which at any time can be confirmed, and not refuted, otherwise the employee of internal bodies will be declared incompetent.