How to take the car off the register?

If you do not know how to take the car off the register, thenthis article is especially for you. Do not think that this is an extremely complicated procedure that will take you a long time. First of all, when decommissioning a car from the relevant traffic police bodies, it should be remembered that this happens strictly in accordance with the place where the owner of the vehicle is registered. You can also take the car off the register in another region, but this procedure will be a little more complicated and take longer. In a situation where several persons are the owners of the car at the same time, this procedure is carried out only with the consent of each of them. In this case, the person who conducts the removal of the car from the register, it is necessary to have the relevant documents - statements of other owners, as well as a power of attorney certified by the notary for the right of alienation.

When making a withdrawal from an account inThe traffic police very often there are a number of nuances. Just knowing how to take the car off the register is not enough, because there can always be some unforeseen situations. The matter is that department employees can refuse the owner of the car in such procedure at presence of the unpaid penalties, and also if the car is the proof on a criminal case or on it arrest is imposed. All such information is very carefully checked. Having come to the relevant services, in order to learn how to take the car off the register, it is necessary to inform their employees of all the problems of this kind associated with your car.

In the number of necessary documents in the implementationactivities for the removal of cars from the register include a copy of the receipt, where it will be indicated that you have paid the transport fee, and a technical passport for this vehicle. You need to have registration numbers with you. This list refers to individuals. If the process of de-registration is carried out by a legal entity, the list of required documents is increased. Here you will need a notarized power of attorney to permit a certain person to carry out this procedure, a technical passport and a copy of it, an identification number, an order to remove the car from the register, a copy of the organization's charter, an application for de-registration, and a protocol that is drawn up by the meeting of the founders of the organization.

As can be seen from this list, the legalit is much harder for a person to take a car off the register than an individual. If you withdraw from the account a car that was purchased for credit, then as a supplement you need to have a certificate from the bank about the full repayment of all payments, a contract that indicates the receipt of loan funds, a contract for finding a vehicle in pledge, and a special extract the notary does.

After carrying out all these procedures and paymentduties and fines, if any, the traffic police officer gives you a technical passport of the car with the appropriate marks, an account card, a receipt for payment of the transport fee and transit numbers for the car. The procedure for removing any auto from the account takes not so much time as its registration. On average, it will take a couple of hours of your time. But in certain situations, the cancellation may take several weeks.

So now you know how to take the car off the register. Those motorists, who often deal with registration and removal of cars, perfectly know all the subtleties and nuances of this case. Of course, this procedure may seem extremely complicated for you. But over time, you will learn not only how to take the car off the register, but also how to put it on the register, since the vehicle taken off the register can not constantly move along the roads of the country without registration. However, the traffic police will remind you of this, not only verbally ...