Social policy of the state

The state policy covers in principlethe main directions in the development of society. Together with this, the specific tasks facing different branches of public life are being solved. In this regard, there is a defensive and ecological, internal and external, cultural and national, economic and social policies of the state. They also highlight the sphere connected with the issues of the political system. Specialists often use fractional division, especially considering technical, agrarian, demographic and other political branches.

Due to the fact that all parties and areas of lifesocieties are closely interrelated, and the above-mentioned areas are also interacting. This frequent interpenetration and interweaving causes conditional demarcation.

However, there is a sphere closest to the totality of the interests and needs of man. This sphere is addressed to the social life of the population - the social policy of the state.

Under this definition, one should understand the activities of the state apparatus, charitable foundations, and public organizations, aimed at satisfying the interests and needs of citizens.

Social policy of the state - conceptsufficiently capacious. Its objects include the position of classes and groups, nationalities and nations, families separately, people in society, as well as all aspects of the well-being of the people.

The social policy of the state in Russia putsto improve the quality and standard of living of the country's population. For this purpose, the economic and labor activities of citizens are stimulated, conditions are provided for the entire able-bodied society for the possibility of providing the person with the well-being of their family. At the same time, the country's management fully preserves its obligations to disabled people, pensioners, disabled citizens, and families with many children.

The main directions of the social policy of the state are expressed in the following:

  1. In the creation and development of the necessary infrastructure.
  2. In solving problems of protection and environmental protection.
  3. In eliminating problems in the areas of social protection and employment.
  4. In solving social and demographic issues.
  5. In the rational distribution of the income of society.

The social policy of the state is on the determining position in the solution of social and economic problems. However, without the normal development of the industry, it is impossible to effectively address the issues raised.

The social sphere belongs to the regionthe vital activity of a society in which, in the distribution of spiritual and material services and goods, first of all, state activity is realized, then religious and public organizations, charitable foundations.

In the current situation, there is a growing need forincreasing the effectiveness of social and economic activities of the state apparatus of the country, concentrating the efforts of the authorities on solving the most acute problems, developing new mechanisms for implementing activities. Thus, it is possible to ensure the most rational use of material and financial resources.

The strategic objectives of social policy should include:

  1. Achieve significant improvement in living conditions and financial situation of citizens.
  2. Providing the population with effective employment, improving the competitiveness and quality of the workforce.
  3. Reorientation of the social sphere to address family issues, ensure social guarantees and rights of young people, women, children.
  4. Guarantee of protection of constitutional rights of the population in the sphere of culture, health, education, social protection, provision of housing for citizens.
  5. The rise in the country's demographic situation.
  6. Significant improvement in the social infrastructure.
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