Canadian citizenship: who and how to get it

USA and Canada - two countries in North AmericanThe continent, where the level of the economy is quite high, social protection of citizens is developed, and therefore these states are desirable for immigrants. However, the northern neighbor of the United States is still preferable. Why? First, Canadian citizenship can be obtained three years after obtaining permanent resident status, whereas in the United States this term takes five years. To get an immigrant visa to the States, you need to have close relatives there, or prove that Article 1 of the Refugee Convention is applicable to you. Canada also has a state plan, according to which the country receives about two hundred thousand immigrants every year.

Get Canadian citizenship

But how to get Canadian citizenship and whetherto lose this one's former? The North American country is good because it recognizes dual citizenship, that is, you can simultaneously be a subject of Russia and Canada. As already mentioned, the first condition for entry into citizenship is a three-year residence in the territory of a power with permanent resident status. During this time, you cannot leave the country, with the exception of short-term business trips (if you work in a state institution) or tourist trips accompanied by a husband / wife or parent / child who already have Canadian citizenship.

To successfully obtain Canadian citizenship, do notone must sit back and wait for the three years to expire. After all, after the deadline, you need to collect a package of documents confirming that you have already sufficiently assimilated into the society and society of your future homeland. Together with the written application submitted to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, you must submit a certificate from the place of permanent employment, as well as the results of tests for knowledge of the two official languages ​​of the country: English and French (IELTS or DALF, TCF, TEFAQ, TEF).

Canadian citizenship
But after passing the tests and passing all the necessary documents,Do not think that Canadian citizenship is already in your pocket. An applicant for Canadian nationality is given a textbook “A Look at Canada”, for which he is engaged in preparing for the exam. There, the applicant is asked twenty questions concerning the history, geography, political system and state structure of the country. In order to be admitted to the exam, it is necessary to meet certain parameters.

First, the age: from eighteen to 59 years. This does not mean that minors and old people are not being granted Canadian citizenship. For children, the application of parents will suffice, and the elderly are simply exempted from the exam. Naturally, you need to pay a state fee, show a bank card, if you have a driver's license. It is necessary to fill in the questionnaire and attach to it two photos taken no later than six months before the submission of documents. Photos must meet certain requirements, on their back they must stamp

How to get Canadian citizenship
photographer, and you - to sign.

Mostly applications for citizenshipCanada solved positively. Every year over 170 thousand former immigrants receive the coveted crust. However, if you had a criminal record (especially during the past four years, already living in the country), were under investigation, you were issued a deportation decision or you were charged with committing particularly serious crimes (military and against humanity) no chance of becoming a citizen of this country.