When is it necessary to receive transit numbers?

On the roads of the country, the number ofcars. Some of them are bought new in the showroom, and some change their owners. Everyone knows that a vehicle, according to the current legislation, is subject to mandatory registration.

transit numbers
That is, each car must have numbers. Moreover, these numbers must meet the requirements, and be set to clearly defined locations, which are provided by the design of the car. Note that earlier it was possible to put numbers under the glass and ride without worrying about anything, but now the first traffic police officer will stop the car and reasonably explain that you are wrong. The numbers fixed on the radiator grill will also be considered a violation. Well, and going to the road car in general without numbers, of course, is considered unlawful. The owner of such a machine will be subjected to administrative punishment. The driver will be fined 5000 rubles. In some cases, the punishment may be increased (up to the evacuation of the vehicle to the penalty area and the seizure of the driver's license for up to 3 months).

When buying a car that is alreadyexploited, there is the question of re-issuing it from one owner to another. That is, the seller must remove his car from the registration in the traffic police and get transit numbers. Previously, this was a mandatory condition for the sale, but now the requirements have changed a little. Now the car is removed from the register or at the request of the owner, or if the car is sold to another region.

how many transit numbers are in effect

In this case, transit numbers are necessary in order that the car could "get" from its former owner to the present and was registered in a new location.

The procedure for obtaining this type of numbers is quitesimple. The owner writes a statement with a request to take the car off the register and presents the car for inspection. The traffic police officer checks the conformity of the technical characteristics of this machine with what is stated in the documents. If everything is the same, then transit numbers are issued. But it must be remembered that avato should not have any "innovations" that are prohibited by law. For example, toning the front windows.

Issue of license plates occurs after payment of the state fee, which is set at a rate of 1000 rubles per number on a metal or plastic basis.

validity of the transit number

Many drivers ask a question about how muchthere are transit numbers and what can be done if they are overdue. The law clearly answers these questions, and refers to the Code of Administrative Offenses. According to the current legislation, the transit number is valid for 20 days and can not be extended. It turns out that during this time the owner of the car must place it on the registration account. If the procedure has not been completed within the given period, new transit numbers should be obtained. That is, just repeat the procedure described above. It is necessary to do this, because for overdue transit you will be subject to an administrative fine of up to 800 rubles.