How to issue a certificate of criminal records

When you have to execute documents and conducta number of other legal manipulations; it is important to timely submit a package of documents, which are provided for by the procedure. Some of them get quite problematic, because you have to wait a long time to make them, or pay dearly for the issue. In addition, a number of certificates has its own validity, and if you don’t invest in this period, you will have to start collecting everything anew.

Where can I get a certificate of non-conviction?

One of a number of sought-after documents may be certificate of good conduct - this is a document issued by the MinistryInternal Affairs of Ukraine. It indicates the absence / presence of a criminal record of a citizen in Ukraine. To get it, you need to contact the Office of Information Technology of the Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. For help you need to apply in person or send an attorney, in this case, he should have your written consent, an order certified by a notary. The certificate is issued regardless of the location of the person who requests it. Thus, if you do not have the time or opportunity to issue a certificate yourself, you can contact the law firm, issue a power of attorney for its representative, and he will take over all the processes, you just need to come and pick up the finished document.

If you do not need a certificate of good conduct urgently,then it will take about two weeks to make it. Urgent certificate is done within 1-2 days, but for efficiency, respectively, you need to pay extra. The certificate issued for the action on the territory of Ukraine is legally valid for 30 days, and for filing abroad - 90 days.

Nuances in the design of help

The certificate must indicate the reason for issuing: "Help is given for ...". If a certificate is needed for an action on the territory of Ukraine, then it is issued without special degrees of protection, and for submitting it abroad we need special forms.

Certificates of non-conviction, on which there is a hologram, are required for:

- submission of documents to the social security authorities;

- submission of documents to banking institutions;

- Employment in the country;

- registration of the visa;

- official employment abroad;

- provision in foreign institutions.

The list of documents that must be submitted for the issuance of a certificate of good conduct:

- passport data (photocopy or other document containing basic information about the recipient: full name, date of birth, place of birth, place of registration);

- a statement on behalf of the recipient or an order certified by a notary;

- Receipts for payment of information services and a form for reference.