Length of service

Length of service is a variation of length of service. In particular, it represents a long period of time that has been worked out in a certain profession. In accordance with the current legislation, long service provides an unquestionable right to benefits when continuing to work, to a premium to basic wages and the calculation of seniority pensions.

length of service

Sometimes you can hear another definition -special length of service. However, this is not exactly the same thing. Long service is a special subspecies of special work experience, having absolutely other rights and rewards.

The pension for long service is determined by the citizenonly after the termination of work activity, according to which this pension was assigned to him. Exceptions are teachers, health workers in rural areas, as well as people employed in open mountain and underground work. In this case, a preferential pension is paid to them, regardless of whether they work by profession or not. She is appointed for life, and no one has the right to deprive a person of benefits.

For each category of citizens who performlabor activity in certain professions that qualify for a long service pension, a special period of time, or length of service, after which this payment takes effect, is established. For example, flight test and flight personnel must work for at least 25 years (men) and 20 years (women), so that seniority is credited to a preferential pension. For the pedagogical staff, the duration is longer: women need to work out 25 years, men - 30 years. Exactly the same restrictions apply to health professionals.

Long service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Long service years of military personnel are calculated a littlein another way and is determined not only by the Law of 12.02.1993, No. 4468-1, but also by the "Status of Servicemen". In particular, the total length of service in military service should be 20 years or more for persons who have reached the "extreme" age. In the case of suspension from military service until the age limit (in connection with organizational and staff arrangements or for health reasons), the length of service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation should not be less than twelve and a half years. In this case, the pension for long service is also assigned to the payment of the former soldier.

The same requirements as for servicemen are applied to employees of the State Fire Service, who serve in the ATS or in the bodies of the penal system.

Military service years

The length of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs entitles the employee topension accrual, provision of additional leave, monthly allowance to salary, one-off allowance upon dismissal from bodies, as well as presentation to awards and other incentives. An important feature is that the period of study in professional education institutions must be included in the length of service in full time, but not more than five years (as in the case of military personnel). Two months of training equates to the month of service. Plus, this service includes the probationary period for admission to the service.