"Beeline", the tariff "Zero of doubts": how to connect or disconnect (detailed instructions)

So, today we have to find out whatis a very interesting offer from the mobile operator Beeline - the “Zero Doubt” tariff. We will try to understand why this tariff plan is so good, and also learn how to connect and disconnect it. In fact, this is a very interesting, so-called anti-crisis proposal. In addition, it is also important for us to know the opinion of those who have already used this tariff. Maybe it is not worth going to him at all? Let's figure it out.

Beeline Tariff Zero Doubt

What kind of beast?

Before proceeding to the questionsconnecting / disconnecting a mobile plan, you will first have to understand what we will have to deal with. In Beeline, the “Zero of Doubt” tariff is, as already mentioned, an anti-crisis solution for many subscribers.

But why exactly this name was given? The thing is that for the first minute of a conversation with a Beeline subscriber you will pay 1.3 rubles, and starting from the 2nd minute the dialogue will be absolutely free. Thus, if your environment uses this mobile operator, then the tariff plan considered today will be the most appropriate.

Of course, the "Beeline" tariff "Zero doubt"feedback gets positive. But among those who are surrounded by other mobile operators, the word of flattery is not observed. After all, for a minute of conversation with "outsiders" subscribers will have to pay 2.3 rubles per minute. And this, frankly, is quite expensive. The subscription fee for this plan is absent, but the cost of the transition is 150 rubles. However, these are trifles. Let's try to figure out how to start using the Zero Doubt rate for the Beeline operator.

Buying in the office of communication

The first option, which can only be advisedSubscribers, probably not the best. Nevertheless, it has a place to be. After all, it is a question of buying a new number with a tariff plan in a mobile communication office. What is needed for this? Let's see.

In general, this process is more than simple. Take your passport and mobile phone with you. Next, go to the nearest office of the cellular operator. Tell the employee that you would like to connect the "Zero of Doubt" tariff with Beeline. Next, you will have to tell the features of the plan, and then ask for a passport.

Beeline Tariff Zero doubt connect

Give away your ID. After a while you will be given a completed contract for the purchase of a room. Sign it, and then get a new SIM card. Insert it into your mobile phone. That's all the problems solved.

Now you know one of several wayswhich will help answer the question of how to get the tariff "Zero doubt" ("Beeline"). Moscow or any other city - it does not matter. The main thing is that mobile communication offices are everywhere.

In addition to the above, there is another method. Come to the operator "Beeline" (if you were previously its subscriber), and then inform the employee about the intentions of changing the tariff plan. Transfer the phone and wait a while. If you have more than 150 rubles on your balance, you will be transferred to the tariff right in the office. And all problems are solved.

Call operator

Another rather interesting and simple approach toSolving a problem is calling the operator from your mobile phone. It is enough just to inform about your desires to receive the “Zero of Doubt” tariff from Beeline. Connect it in other words. This process will take place almost automatically. Just need to know the algorithm of action.

beeline fare zero doubt reviews

First dial 0611, and then wait.operator response. Then tell him about your intentions. You can be asked for passport information, as well as a place of residence. Do not worry - this is necessary in order to understand that you are the true owner of the room. Otherwise, you will only help buying a new number.

When your identity is established, the operatorwill tell you the fare details. Agree with them and say that you would like to connect it. Wait a while. In cases where you have enough funds to go, you will receive an SMS notification about the successful operation. Otherwise, the operator will ask you to replenish the account, and then resume the attempt. That's all. Nothing difficult or supernatural.

It should be noted that this method does not usevery popular. All this is due to the enormous probability of contacting an answering machine. Then the dialogue can be delayed for 20 minutes. It is much easier to go to the nearest office of cellular communication "Beeline". But there are some other very interesting approaches to solving the problem. Which ones? Let's figure it out.

Special teams

For example, every customer has a beautifulthe ability to use the transition so-called USSD-requests. These are commands that are designed specifically for the automatic implementation of actions on the SIM card by the subscriber himself. All that is required is the availability of sufficient funds to change the tariff plan.

disable rate zero doubt beeline

If you want to use this approach, thendial 0674 10 222 on the mobile phone, then click on the call button of the subscriber. Now you will notice how the promise began on the screen. After it has been processed, you will receive a notification about the successful transition to Beeline (the “Zero Doubt” tariff). Otherwise, you will receive a message stating the reason for the inability to process the request, as well as a short troubleshooting guide. As you can see, everything is extremely simple.

Through the Internet

Turn off the tariff "Zero doubt" ("Beeline"), andYou can also connect it without any calls and visits to the offices of cellular communication. It will help in this idea the Internet, or rather the official website of the mobile operator. And the "Personal Account" on it.

Visit the page "Beeline.ru ", and then go through the authorization there. You will be taken to the" My Account ". Select the" Services "menu, and then -" Tariffs ". Find the" Zero of doubt "and click on this line. A menu with available actions will appear. It remains to click on “Connect.” Everything, you can wait for the notification of the tariff change

Disconnection occurs after switching to any other tariff plan. This is done in any way listed above. That's all the problems solved.

tariff zero doubts beeline moscow


So today we learned a few possibleways to connect yourself to the tariff "Zero doubt" from the "Beeline". As you can see, modern mobile operators offer a wide range of approaches to solving the set task. Actually it is very good. Someone suitable more traditional and time-tested methods. These are mostly older people. They will not begin to understand how to switch to the tariff plan using the Internet. And someone, on the contrary, prefers only advanced technologies and innovations. In general, choose what is right for you, and then act.