Who is the highest basketball player in the world? Growth and photos of athletes

It is very important for basketball players to have high growth.The higher the athlete, the more chances he has to achieve success in this game. You can easily throw balls into the basket or bypass your opponents. Who is the highest basketball player in the world? How much is the growth of these people? From what country are famous athletes?

5 highest basketball players

The first place can be safely put Russianplayer - Alexandra Sizonenko. Unfortunately, in 2012, this greatest athlete died, but the memory of him lives in the hearts of the fans. Sizonenko had such titles: "The highest basketball player of the USSR" and "The tallest man in the world" (height - 2 meters 45 centimeters).

In second place athlete from Libya - Suleiman AliNashnun. The growth of the basketball player is the same as that of Sizonenko. Nashnun played for the national team of his native country. Also starred in the movies, played a small role in the episode of the movie "Satyricon" (directed by Federico Fellini).

In third place basketball player from Romania - Gheorghe Mureshan. Previously, he played in the New Jersey Nets club and was a member of the NBA. The height of the athlete is 2 meters 31 centimeters.

In the fourth place, Manute Bol, he, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the highest basketball player of the NBA. Growth is the same as that of the Romanian Mureshan.

And on the fifth step is Slavko Vranesh - a Montenegrin athlete who stands for the team "Metalica". The growth of a basketball player is 2 meters 30 centimeters.

Short biography of Alexander Sizonenko

the highest basketball player of the USSR

Russian athlete was born in Khersonregion, on July 20, 1959, and his life was cut off on January 5, 2012. In the nineties, Sizonenko rightly held the title of "The highest basketball player in the history of basketball." The athlete was of an iron character, never complained of health, although the injuries constantly tormented Alexander. For two years he occupied a central position in Spartak, and then played for seven years in Kuibyshev's Builder. Alexander Sizonenko, whose height was 245 centimeters, with one wave of his hand threw a heavy ball into the basket. He had a beautiful positional instinct and passing the pass.

Alexander had to leave the big sport,the reason for this was a hormonal failure. In 1988, he starred in the movie "Brave Tailor" as a giant. Several years of his life, the basketball player spent all his time at home, in the city of St. Petersburg. He turned into a disabled pensioner. At a weight of 186 kilograms and a foot size of 58, he could not find clothes and shoes for himself in any store. Sizonenko constantly moved on crutches because of osteoporosis. It was hard for him to walk, in every way Alexander was helped by his friends and volunteers. The athlete died in his apartment, is buried in the Northern Cemetery.

Master block shots

Manute Bol is the only basketball player whomore blocked throws than he did. On his account, the legendary records on the "pots." Manute is the highest basketball player in the world, his height is 231 centimeters. At the end of his career, the athlete showed the audience an incredible skill in throwing three-pointers. In one season he managed to score them twenty. The audience specially came to see the giant, who so clearly and skillfully threw the balls into the ring.

the highest basketball player of the NBA

Of course, like all athletes with great growth,during the games he had injuries. Because the last two years in the NBA, Manute was as a teacher and mentor. He willingly helped young players to master the league.

Manute Bol died on June 19, 2010, but fans will never forget about such a master of block shots.

The phenomenal Romanian basketball player

the highest basketball player in the world

Gheorghe Mureshan did not play for long in his native clubCluj. Almost immediately he was chosen by the representatives of "Washington". The highest basketball player in the world in the first season was seriously injured and missed more than twenty matches. This led to a change in the manner of the game. Gheorghe became gentler, began to avoid close contact with rivals. But in one season, when the injuries stopped giving to know about themselves, the athlete showed the audience everything he was capable of. In 1995, Mureşan scored a large number of points (14) and rebounds (9.6) on average for the match. Therefore, the prize "The most progressive player" was awarded to the Romanian phenomenal basketball player.

On this career Gheorghe came to an end, a largeThe body exerted pressure on his knees, it was hard for him to walk. At 29, Moreshan said that he was leaving basketball. Gheorghe himself believed that his greatest achievement was that he was in the NBA. Giant after the end of sports career was shot in commercials and films.

Chinese highest basketball player

the highest basketball player in history

Yao Ming played in the Houston team since 2002. For the first time in basketball, he spent 244 matches out of 246. In tournaments, the NBA retained the title of the best center player in the league. The growth of Mina is 229 centimeters, weight 141 kilograms, this is the highest basketball player in the world. At the site athlete did not spare his strength, spent more than 30 minutes per game. Such loads caused damage to the left knee. Over the past few years, Yao Ming spent only five matches on a special loyal program. But still the injury progressed, and the highest basketball player of the NBA had to abandon the games.