The best fishing base in the Leningrad Region

Recreation centers of some areas are not equippedonly for standard time on the sea or lake. There are also many options for fishing enthusiasts. In this article we will look at several of the most popular and sought-after establishments in one of the regions of Russia.

Fishing bases in the Leningrad region (priceswhich will be separately described for each option) - great places for those who prefer the relaxed fishing process. As a rule, such establishments function only during the summer period, however there are options for fans of winter fishing. Getting to the recreation centers is quite easy. One of the most popular can be called "Fisherman's Beach", "Fir", "Big Stones" and some others.


Fishing base in the Leningrad region "Bright" is located near Lake Vuoksa. To the coast - only 35 m, to St. Petersburg - 150 km.

It provides free internet andother essential amenities. The minimum daily room rate is 7,500 rubles. You can rent boats and other fishing equipment. Alloys are carried out. The exact price must be clarified on the basis of the administration, as it is constantly changing. There is a special parking for boats and boats.


Fishing base in the Leningrad region "Soikino" is located 80 km from St. Petersburg. To the coast - only 15 m. The complex is located near the Gulf of Finland.

Most often here fishermen catch carp. If there is no equipment, then for an additional fee it will provide. For the bait per hour you must give 100 rubles. There will have to pay for the catch: a kilogram costs 150 rubles. However, this is only for those who did not bring tackle. Those who come with their equipment, fishing is completely free. Quite large carps live near Peter, and closer to the base are a lot of crucians.

fishing base in the Leningrad region


"Lavola" - fishing base in Leningradarea, the rooms are constructed from environmentally friendly materials. The name comes from the name of one of the Finnish villages. Nearby is Lake Vyborg. Only 100 m to the coast, 170 km to St. Petersburg.

The minimum room rate is 3400 rubles. It is possible to rent a boat. At an hour you must pay 200 rubles. You can rent it for an indefinite period. Moreover, if there is a desire, the administration will provide it with a motor. At the entrance you must pay the full cost, there is no prepayment.

fishing recreation center Leningrad region

"Fishing coast"

This fishing base in the Leningrad regionSuitable for family lovers. It is often settled by those who can not imagine their lives without camping. However, those who do not like this kind of vacation are offered cozy cottages. Near them is the lake Otradnoe.

Rybachiy Bereg is only 140 km fromcultural capital of Russia. Not far from it is a pine forest. Guests base takes all year round. Here are all the benefits of civilization, without which people's lives will turn into complete boredom. Of course, there is Wi-Fi.

This is where fans of fishing come more often thanwishing to swim in the lake. To the coastline - only 30 meters. The minimum cost of living is 300 rubles. (weekdays) and 3 thousand rubles a day (weekend). Meals - from 150 rubles.

fishing bases in the Leningrad region prices


The fishing recreation center (Leningrad Region), which was named “Pikhtovoye”, is located 169 km from St. Petersburg. From the shore, it is separated by 10 m.

It is surrounded by a unique nature and has a comfortablelocation It is because of this base is particularly popular. Here you can engage in various types of recreation. Of course, tourists who love fishing often live here. Vyborg Bay, located very close, is home to many species of animals.

It is possible to rent motorboats. It is also not forbidden to use your own waterborne vehicles. The boat on the oars is 200 rubles. per hour, motor - 500 rubles. at one o'clock. The minimum price of rooms - 1690 rubles. per day.

fishing bases in the Leningrad region, Priozersky District

"Big stones"

Considering the fishing bases in Leningradareas (Priozersky district is the most popular), it is necessary to say about the “Big stones”. Next to it is the lake Vuoksa. To the coast will have to go 40 m; from St. Petersburg it is separated 140 km.

The area of ​​the cottages is quite impressive - 160sq. m. It can accommodate from 8 to 20 people. It is possible to rent a boat and other fishing equipment. In the lake live roach, pike perch, salmon, trout, etc. The administration allows the catch to cook on a fire.

The minimum cost of a room per day is 4 thousand rubles. If a resident takes a boat for 24 hours, he will have to pay 700 rubles, and for an hour - 100 rubles.