Vladimir Gabulov: club goalkeeper career

Gabulov Vladimir Borisovich - Russian football player. Currently, he is in favor of the Moscow "Dynamo".

Player's Biography

Vladimir Gabulov was born on October 19, 1983of the year. The birthplace is a small town of Mozdok, located in Ossetia. Interest in football, Vladimir began to show in childhood. With his father, he often went to matches, and watched on television all the programs related to football. The desire to speak at the position of the goalkeeper came about at the same time.

Soon Vladimir entered the local sportsschool, where he continued his studies under the leadership of Sergei Dzhanayev. The first club that invited Gabulov was Mozdok, who played in the second league. In this team, the player was two years old, having played thirty-three matches.

vladimir gabulov

Excellent game goalkeeper attracted the attention of Gazayeva,who was then the mentor of the Moscow "Dynamo". It was he who invited Gabulov to the club. For the first time in this team, Vladimir came out in March against the "Wings of the Soviets." In the Moscow club, Vladimir Gabulov spent about a season. He left the club after the departure of Valery Gazayev.

The next club for the promising goalkeeper was "Alania". In the team from Vladikavkaz goalkeeper quickly established in the basis. In "Alania" Gabulov played until 2003.

Going to "CSKA"

In 2003, the place of the main mentorthe capital's club became Valery Gazayev and decided to invite the position of goalkeeper Gabulov. Speaker Vladimir accounted for only the second team. The reason for this was the competition on the position of the goalkeeper. Young Igor Akinfeev was able to firmly consolidate in the composition and put on the bench, even Mandrykin. For the first two years, spent in "CSKA", Vladimir did not hold for the main part of any game. The first exit took place only in 2006.

For three seasons, which Gabulov held in the Moscow team, to gain a foothold in the composition he could not. During this time he spent 52 matches in a double and 3 at the base.

Transfer to Kuban and rent to Amkar

In 2007, the player was sold to Krasnodar"The Kuban". The player immediately became the main goalkeeper, leaving subsequently in almost every match. According to the results of the season, "Kuban" was in the relegation zone and went to the second division.

During the transfer period, so as not to lose the gamepractice, the player went to Perm "Amkar". Together with Perm, Vladimir Gabulov managed to reach the Cup of Russia final, where he met with CSKA. "Amkar" was able to score twice, but could not keep the result, and, after bringing the game to the penalty shootout, lost. In the championship of Russia Gabulov played ten matches.

The second transfer to "Dynamo"

In the summer of 2008 Gabulov made the second timetransition to the Moscow club. The agreement with the player was calculated until 2011. In the first season, Gabulov appeared twelve times, taking the third place in the championship with Dynamo.

The 2009 season turned out to be very successful forgoalkeeper. On the field he spent twenty-three meetings. In September of the same year, in a game with Spartak Vladimir Gabulov suffered a serious injury - fracture of the facial skeleton. The consequence was rehabilitation for a period of almost two months.

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In the fall of 2010, from the core of Gabulov was able to oust Shunin, and after getting an ankle injury (match with the Baltics), Vladimir was completely out of order.

"Anji" and the return to "Dynamo"

At the end of August 2011, Gabulov signedcontract with the club from Makhachkala. At that time, Anzhi received huge amounts of money, so Vladimir's salary was about 2.5 million euros. In the same year, Igor Akinfeev received the injury, and the coach of the Makhachkala team decided to help the "army team", giving Gabulov a half-season rent.

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During this period, the goalkeeper appeared in the camp of "CSKA" seven times in the Russian championship and six in the Champions League. At the same time speaking well, the football player helped the team to get into the 1/8 Champions League.

The first match for "Anji" Gabulov played in March2012. In the team he stayed until the summer of 2013, simultaneously taking bronze medals of the Russian championship. In August, "Dynamo" for the third time signed a contract with the goalkeeper.

Today in the gates of the Moscow club appears in almost every match is Gabulov. Footballer this season came out at eighteen and spent four games dry.