Hunting for a wolf and its varieties

Attitude to the wolf at different times was alsodifferent. He was considered both a pest and a medic of the forest. However, this large animal always aroused man's fears. Unlike other animals, hunting for wolves has never been banned.

hunt for wolves
Beasts were always destroyed, but in the year when theirthe number was too high, extermination was carried out at the state level using large raids. As a rule, the most favorable season for hunting is winter, when wolves become thicker and shiny. Hunting for a wolf is complicated by the fact that this animal is unusually hardy and at the same time afraid of man, therefore it is very cautious. However, this does not prevent people from coming from hunting with prey. It was like that at all times. With the advent of firearms, the development of technology has changed a lot, but traditional methods of hunting wolves are basically unchanged, although in each region their methods are used.

In times when the number of predators was very highlarge, popular were round-ups and the use of red flags. However, the color can be anything - the beast does not distinguish colors. The fact is that from the scraps of cloth there is a human smell, they break the habitual picture of the winter forest, and therefore the cautious wolf will never run in their direction, foreseeing the danger. Hunting for a wolf with flags begins with the laying of a carrion near a wolf's lair. Such a privat is able to keep predators in one place, to lull their vigilance. Hijackers scream and shout scare the full pack, forcing it to flee. At the same time there are beaters from behind, flags on each side. Therefore, wolves can run only in one direction - towards the shooters. The raids were spread everywhere.

hunting for wolves in Kazakhstan

One of the oldest ways - hunting for a wolf withdogs. Moreover, used in such an occupation, either husky, or greyhounds. Each of the subspecies has its own characteristics. In the past, greyhounds were specially trained on wolves, so that during the hunt the dog could engage in a battle with a predator and win. Nowadays everything happens a little wrong. A pack of dogs must smash a flock, drive predators to hunters, without entering into battle with them, but only holding them, leading to a distance of a shot. This type of hunting is used by many athletes throughout Russia.

The role of the Laikas in hunting is different - they must choke wolf cubs and fight with weaker youngsters, after hunters expel an adult generation from burrow.

The amusement of the aristocracy was considered hunting with a golden eagle. Now such a hunt for wolves is widespread in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. A trained bird sees a wolf from a long distance. She rushes to him and starts clawing at the head and back of the predator. It only remains for the hunters to finish off the wounded beast.

hunt for a wolf

It does not cause special difficulties for connoisseurs hunting forwolf with the use of traps. But, of course, it has its own characteristics. First, the trap must be carefully processed before use, free from the smell of metal, factory grease, human hands. To do this, you do not just need to wash it, but it is also better to boil it or insist with coniferous branches or steppe grasses. And secondly, it must be carefully masked, so that the cautious animal does not notice the dirty trick. After all, a cautious beast can easily smell strange smells and notice other people's tracks.