Basketball player Chris Andersen: biography, career, achievements

Chris Andersen is a professional basketball player. He is one of the most experienced players of the Cleveland Cavaliers club. He has a champion title in the list of achievements, which he won in 2013, being the striker of Miami Heat. In the NBA league, the player is known by the nickname "Berdman", which he got thanks to the available tattoos.

Andersen Chris: biography

kris andersen
The future player was born on July 7, 1978 inthe Californian city of Long Beach. However, Chris spent his childhood in Ayole, Texas. Upon graduation from high school, he was enrolled in Blinn's college, where he played for the local team.

In 1999, Chris Andersen made a decisionto nominate his own candidacy for the annual draft to the clubs of the National Basketball Association. Since no team from the higher American League took the player into their ranks, the young basketball player soon signed a contract with the Chinese professional team "Jiangsu Dragons". After playing several seasons for the club from the Middle Kingdom, Chris Andersen returned to the States, where he played for a while for teams from the lower divisions.

To make your dream come truethe basketball player was lucky in 2001. The player received a long-awaited offer from the club from the NBA "Denver Nuggets". In full showing his own talents in the club from the leading division, in the 2003/2004 season the striker moved to another team of "New Orleans Hornets". Here, the player's affairs went up. The following year, Andersen Chris was invited to participate in the match of all NBA stars, where a talented basketball player competed in slam dunk competitions.

Break in career

Andersen Kris
Already at the start of his career in the NBA, Chris Andersen hadproblems with drugs. For the use of illegal drugs, the basketball player was suspended from the game for a fairly long time. Disqualification took place on January 25, 2006 after the doping test of the striker Hornets gave positive results.

A year later, Andersen secured leadershipAssociation of professional players permission to return to the NBA. Already a free agent, Chris resumed his contract with his first Denver Nuggets club in the 2008/2009 season.

Later Andersen for several years played for "MiamiHeath ", and also became part of the transfer exchange club with the team" Memphis Grizzlies ", where he was in early 2016. July 22 the same year, Chris Andersen signed an agreement with the club" Cleveland Cavaliers ", the colors which protects to this day.

Player Statistics

Andersen Kris biography
During a long performance for various NBA clubs, Chris Andersen secured such indicators:

  • participation in matches - 663;
  • the average number of points earned per game - 5,5;
  • hit on the opponent's ring with the game - 53.3%;
  • accuracy from free throws - 65.3%;
  • effective transfers - an average of 0.5 per match;
  • the number of balls selected from the opponent - an average of 5.1 per game.


Chris Andersen is a forward forward. Therefore, most often it is used by the rival's ring as a battering striker. The basketball player is distinguished by good jumping data, and also proved himself as one of the best blockers of enemy shots.

Andersen is good not only in the attack, but in the defensive actions of the team. In defense, often insures partners, preventing the opponent from advancing to his own ring.