Don Fry: Predator in the ring. Brief Biography of an Athlete

Don Fry - the famous fighter from America, actingin the style of mixed martial arts. Among lovers of professional sports, he is known by his nickname Predator. He took such a pseudonym for good reason. He has a huge number of victories and very few defeats. In addition to the career of a fighter, Don conquers the world of cinema. He has already managed to play in several well-known action movies and has gained great popularity not only among fans of the struggle of a mixed style, but also among the general public movie lovers.

Don Fry

short biography

November 23, 1965 is the date of birth of Don Fry,who in the future will become a professional athlete and a fighter in a mixed style. In 1984, Don Fry made a choice that dramatically influenced his life. He decided to start a fight. At the very beginning of his sports career, he played for Arizona, the US state. Here he had a friend and part-time coach Dan Severn, who later became a UFC legend. In 1987, Fry won the freestyle wrestling competition in Greco-Roman wrestling. A year later, he left for Oklahoma. Here he met Randy Couture. Together with Don, they were teammates.

Early career and first achievements

In 1996, Don Fry spoke at UFC 8. He had three fights overnight. He won all the victories in the tournament easily. Three fights lasted a total of not more than three minutes. But the judges decided that the nature of the competition was rather controversial, so Fry was removed from further participation in the fights. The predator is considered one of the most original MMA fighters. He undoubtedly has a talent and his own style of combat. In addition, Don proved himself in several sporting disciplines. Among the achievements of the fighter there is a black belt in judo, and participation in professional boxing fights.

Fry Don

Return to UFC

Don Fry still returned to UFC 9. His goal was the only meeting in the ring with Amauri Beetti. Predator defeated his opponent by technical knockout. Next, Fry continued his career in UFC 10 and scored two more victories over Mark Hall and Brian Johnston. But after these fights he was overtaken by failure in the very final of the tournament. His opponent in the ring was Mark Coleman, who was considered a very dangerous and serious opponent. The fight was exciting and lasted for eleven minutes. Fry was defeated by Coleman, who struck him with a technical knockout.

The fight with Mark was the first loss of Fry fromseven successful matches. But the athlete accepted this experience and went further, correcting past mistakes. He took victories over several opponents with the help of painful techniques. And in the UU finals of 1996, he defeated Tank Abbott, despite a dangerous eyebrow cut. After this fight, Don got the title and left UFC.

Don fry fights

Continuing career at PRIDE FC

Successful celebrity in Japan has deservedly becomeDon Fry. The fights in which he proved himself in the best possible way became the motivation for many novice wrestlers of mixed style. 2001 was marked for Fry by signing a contract with PRIDE. Don was not in the ring for several years, but he not only did not weaken, but grew stronger. The predator has become even stronger and worse. In February 2002, he met with Ken Shamrock, who was Fry's longtime rival. Fight of fighters was long and severe. The judges gave the Don a unanimous decision. And two famous fighters hugged after the fight and put an end to enmity and competition.

But just four months from Dona very important fight took place. His opponent was Yoshihiro Takayama, who already managed to become a legend among fans of mixed martial arts in Japan. The duel of two strong fighters is considered the most exciting of all, held in PRIDE. Don Fry and Takayama came together in a clinch. They held each other’s heads and each of them delivered terrible blows to the opponent. The bout was stopped by a judge when Fry knocked down Takayama and started beating the Japanese.

Don Fry and Takayama

Predator in the ring and a talented film actor

Fry Don signed contracts for fights withseveral companies. He held several bouts that were very diverse. Outcomes of battles differed from each other. There were victories and losses, and even a draw. And in 2007, Fry became the coach of the Tucson Scorpions team, which was part of the IFL. But a few months later, he made an announcement that their paths had diverged. Over time, the athlete lacked only one ring and decided to start acting in films. Fry Don made his debut in the film "Godzilla: The Last War", which was released in 2004. He appeared as Captain Douglas. As the athlete himself says, on the set he did not control the situation, unlike the ring. But, nevertheless, he liked the process of work and he enjoyed every moment.

Fry has appeared in several more films, mostfamous among them are the comedy about prison life “Big Stan” and the film “No Rules”. Fry says you can never stop there. We need to develop in different directions. He chose his own. This is sports and movies.