Chris Coleman: player's career, coaching activities, achievements

Chris Coleman - football player, coach. During his career, the player held on the field defender position. The last success is the successful work of the coach of the Wales team.

Career football player

Chris Coleman’s early years were in English"Manchester city". The player got to the club academy when he was 16 years old. Subsequently, the young talent was not lucky enough to play for the main part of the “citizens” not a single minute on the field. With the leadership of the team, Chris Coleman had only a junior, preliminary agreement.

In 1987, the player bought the club "Swansea City"who represented the hometown of a young football player. At that time, the team played in the fourth-largest English division. The agreement with the club, Chris Coleman concluded as a free agent.

In the four seasons of appearances for the team ofWelsh city of Swansea young talent managed to enter the field in 160 matches. During this time, the defender scored two goals scored. In the club, the player has twice won the Wales Cup.

Chris Coleman Trainer

In 1991, Chris Coleman received an offer fromleadership team from the Premier League Crystal Palace. The debut of the young defender for the new club took place in the same year. Coleman defended the colors of the glaziers until 1995. Subsequently, the football player was recognized by the fans of the team as one of the best players in the history of the club.

According to the results of the 1995/1996 Crystal Palace season.flew into the second English division. Wanting to continue playing in the Premier League, Chris Coleman signed a contract with the Blackburn Rovers club, which he defended from 1997 to 2001.

Then followed the transition to "Fulham." Pretty soon, Coleman deserved the honorary title of team captain. Together with partners, the defender managed to rise from the third division of the country and reach the Premier League.

In January 2002, Chris Coleman got into seriousrework During a trip to the county of Surrey, his car skidded on a slippery road. Football player received several difficult injuries. The resulting damage made Chris think about the premature retirement of a player's career.

National team appearances

Chris Coleman (Wales) debuted in nationalthe country team in 1992. The first fight in the national team for the defender was a friendly game against Austria. The young footballer got the right to enter the field at the 59th minute of the meeting. Before the end of the match, Chris managed to sign a goal in the opponent's goal and achieve a draw for the national team in the confrontation.

chris coleman football player

In the official meeting, Coleman played for the first time 9March 1994. In the match between Wales and the national team of Norway, which took place in Cardiff, the defender was included in the starting lineup. The only goal scored by the Welsh in the match turned out to be precisely on the account of Chris.

The last time a player received an invitation to the national team was on May 14, 2002, when the Welsh had to hold a friendly match against the German team. The bout ended in a victory for Wales.

In total, Chris Coleman spent 32 matches for the national team. During this time, the talented defender managed to chalk up 4 goals against opponents.

Chris Coleman - Coach

After the fatal injury in the automobileaccident, already a former football player received an offer from the leadership of "Fulham" to remain in the team and take a position in the coaching staff. Just a year later, the team mentor Jean Tigane was dismissed. Thus, his place was taken by Chris Coleman. Successful leadership of the London team allowed the team to leave the relegation zone and retain registration in the Premier League for the next season. Following the performance of Fulham next year, the team was on the 9th place in the standings, which allowed Coleman to sign a long-term contract with the club as head coach.

Chris Coleman

Subsequent team performanceproved not so impressive. The club has been fighting for survival in the championship for several years in a row. In the spring of 2007, the patience of the management team ended. After 7 losing matches in a row, Fulham removed Coleman as a mentor.

Next for Chris followed work in SpanishReal Sociedad Club. Back in England, the coach was destined in a year. The interest in his services was shown by the leadership of the Coventry City team, which appeared in the second most important division - the Championship. Despite the task of entering the Premier League, the club was forced to fight for survival for several seasons. In 2010, the agreement with the coach was terminated.

Work as a team coach of Wales

In 2012, Chris Coleman officially became new.mentor to the national team of Wales. Despite rather mediocre expectations from the work of a young coach, the team not only successfully passed the qualifying round for the European Championship 2016, but was also able to surprise the public with a bright game in a series of playoff matches. As a result, the leadership of the Coleman national team was rated by the Wales Football Federation more than positively.

Chris Coleman Wales


As a player, Chris Coleman won 2 timesWales Cup, speaking at Swansea City. Another significant event in the career of a defender is the victory of “Fulham” in the Championship and the release of the team in the Premier League. The newest achievement of Chris is the successful activity as coach of the Wales national team in the qualifying round and the final part of Euro 2016.