Traumatic pistol "Temp-1": review

Traumatic pistol "Temp-1" standsimproved modification of the popular model "HORCH-4", which is more impressive in size. In addition to the size and the modified caliber, the new sample is very similar to its predecessor. What are the advantages of "Temp-1" (pistol) in this case? Feedback from users who have already evaluated the sample in practice, indicate the improved ergonomics, increased power and operational strength of such weapons.


Traumatic Pistol Pace 1
Traumatic pistol "Temp-1" has these parameters:

  • dimensions - 205x143x35 mm;
  • weight - 0,87 kg;
  • the length of the trunk is 112 mm;
  • caliber - 9 mm;
  • capacity of the store - 10 cartridges;
  • the muzzle energy is 91 Joule.


Externally, the traumatic pistol "Temp-1"almost identical to its prototype - the model "HORCHE-4". However, there are defining differences in the internal design. So, "Temp-1" has a reinforced knot of the barrel support, more solid and massive pins of the shock-trigger mechanism.

The sample acquired an angular shutter, a recesswhich in many ways resembles the design solutions that are typical for the SigSauer series. In particular, the model has a narrow upper part of the closure, which has a very positive effect on the convenience of hidden transportation under clothing and facilitates the rapid extraction of the pistol from the holster.


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"Temp-1" series - traumatic pistols withoutlicenses that have a dual-action shock-trigger mechanism. In other words, in the presence of a bullet in the chamber, the first shot can be performed either by self-cocking or with a manually cocked trigger.

The fuse here is located at the rear of the shutter and is presented in the form of control flags. In the course of the activation, the latter separate the trigger pull with the sear with a cocked cock.

Traumatic pistol "Temp-1" has a trigger, reinforced with a steel insert, which is located in the working part of the mechanism and prevents the wear of its surfaces.


When developing the Temp-1 model, a sightin the form of a fixed head and fly that are cast together with the bolt. The back surfaces of such pointers do not contain auxiliary white marks. However, this does not prevent accurately aiming at the target due to the impressive width of the fly and a large slit of the whole.


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The specific design of the trunk actskey feature of the pistol "Temp-1." Immediately after the chamber there are two lateral protuberances. The latter form a rectangular section of the barrel channel. Then comes a short acceleration section of a cylindrical shape, which ends with similar protrusions. However, their placement is perpendicular to that which is behind the chamber. At the end of the section there is a smooth channel 65 mm long and 9.5 mm in diameter. This design of the barrel allows the sample to demonstrate impressive muzzle energy.


As you know, in pneumatic pistols, a bulletwhen moving along the trunk changes the round shape to an elongated one. The higher the speed of the cartridge, the greater the distance in this form it passes over the acceleration section. Consequently, a certain mass of powder gases, penetrating between the walls of the channel and the bullet, is ejected from the barrel into the atmosphere.

The lower the speed of the cartridge, the faster it istakes a form close to spherical. Thus, the area is reduced, which allows the excess of powder gases to escape outward, which affects the power of the weapon.

Pistol "Temp-1" when loaded with cartridges of caliber 9mm demonstrates a power of 91 J. This indicator is close to the legal parameter, which makes it possible to operate such weapons without the need for special permits.


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What are the advantages of "Temp-1" (pistol)? The owners' testimonials indicate the following:

  • soft, pliable descent and comfortable angle of inclination;
  • impressive penetrating ability of cartridges;
  • high accuracy and accuracy of fire;
  • availability of a large-capacity store;
  • convenient fire control from both the right and left hands due to the large trigger guard and the placement of the safety flags on both sides of the bolt.

A separate issue for users is alwaysis worth the cost. How much will the future owner have to pay for such a traumatic gun? The price of the model in the domestic market today starts from 25,000 rubles and can vary depending on the equipment.


Traumatic pistol "Temp-1" standsconvenient in operation, powerful means for self-defense. The sample is recommended to users who want to get an effective, ready-to-use weapon out of the box without the need for modification, other manipulations, including searching for and selecting appropriate cartridges.