Tim Duncan is a basketball player of the highest rank!

American basketball king named TimDuncan has won a lot of worthy victories in his life. At the present time, he has become a real idol and an example for modern athletes, and ordinary people, too. His boldness, determination and power help young people to tune in to the right path, choose a personal goal and go to it until the very end. Of course, in addition to victories, there were defeats. The basketball player took them with dignity and each time aspired to higher goals, due to which he became a favorite of the public.


Timothy Theodore Duncan, in the abbreviation - Tim Duncan,was born in 1976 on April 25 on the famous Virgin Islands. The great basketball player plays for the team called "San Antonio Spurs". He is a fourfold champion of the NBA league, two-time prize-winner of the Olympic Games, and with this champion of the Universiade. In addition to these titles, he has a lot more. Behind him, already a lot of victories and a minimum number of defeats.

King of the basketball court Tim Duncan

He is the only person who succeeded in the first seasons in two teams: the stars and their defenses. This captain of the team showed all his power and strength.

In his early teens Tim began classessport from swimming. But because of the wild hurricane Hugo, the only city pool was destroyed, so the boy had to change activities. Then his choice stopped on basketball, and for a long time this hobby has not changed.

After a while, Tim Duncan was chosenthe only leader of the school team of St. Dunstan. Then the sports career developed at the university, where the first victories were won at a high level.


The very first position is the king of basketballsite Tim Duncan was in the role of a heavy striker. Although in this situation could easily play center. And already today he is the most stable basketball player, because he is gaining an average number of points and rebounds.

For the whole career the player was constantly on the listthe most powerful candidates for the title of the most valuable player in the NBA team. The top positions of the ratings, which determine the number of points scored, were always occupied only by them.

Tim Duncan is an American basketball player
The only drawback is implementationfree throws. Here, the percentage of successful and accurate hits does not exceed 70. But this is not a disaster, because even with such an indicator, Duncan plays well.

Now they know him already as a person who has a fairly high level of reputation.
He graciously accepts the praises of other famous basketball players, but this does not stop the advance to a higher altitude.


The first achievements were minimal in his career, but now the whole world has learned who Tim Duncan really is.

Tim Duncan stats

The statistics of the main events are well reflected in the table:





13 March 1995

"North Carolina"

Additional time in the battle with the "NorthernCarolina "was decisive. It is it that helped to do the impossible. Tim Duncan tamed the star forward and this brought one of the first deserved victories.

20 rebounds

21 points

May 23, 2003


Throughout the game, Tim was visible all the time. He glowed at all points of the site. All forces were laid out here. Duncan tossed from corner to corner, scored, managed to comprehend the future transfer, picked up and defended.

34 points

6 gears

24 rebounds

6 block shots

April 19



Already in the last seconds of the team "Spurs"there was only one chance to win. Then Tim took all the initiative in his hands and turned a qualitative deception with the enemy. He successfully pressed it into a corner, thereby having caught the ball.

40 points

1/1 distance

5 gears

15 rebounds

Little known achievements

Tim Duncan is an American basketball player,having obtained the 6th place in the list of the greatest athletes, in the opinion of the Kazan Universiade "Kvadrat". He was a winner in 1995, but to this day remains an athlete with a sufficient number of achievements. His fair victories are enough for several high level players.

Tim Duncan

In the same team with Allen Iverson andRay Allen has turned out a smart and powerful machine for the "extermination" of the enemy. A team of rivals then suffered a severe defeat. And then Duncan has already become a heavy forward in the Spurs team.