Chris Powell - the boundless possibilities of man

It has long been known that an excellent way to lose weightis physical activity. Nowadays, more and more fans are getting into a sport like American fitness. His creator and active user is Chris Powell, who is currently helping many people lose weight.


Today it seems incredible that a famous trainerwas in adolescence very small, unable to withstand football loads. And Chris Powell really wanted to play this game. That is why he took up his body, plunged into weightlifting. In just a few months, Chris was no longer recognized. When he reappeared on the field, he began to win. And he did this not at the expense of an advantage in size, which was not really there, but at the expense of greater endurance and strength that appeared.

Chris powell

This victory over his own weakness showed himhow limitless are the possibilities of the organism. This event ultimately led to the fact that today he is the most beloved and popular American fitness trainer.

First experience

Having become an adult, Chris took part in the morningGood Morning, Arizona as a cultivation specialist. A live call came from David Smith, who asked the coach for help. His weight was 285 kg, so the doctors promised him only 4 years of life. After some time, Chris personally visited the caller to see how he could help this giant unfortunate guy.

As a result of the trip, making sure that David himselfready for huge sacrifices for the sake of physical health, Chris Powell has developed an individual weight loss program for Smith. For one and a half years, the trainer came every two days to a man who had become his friend. He taught David to eat right, not to seek consolation in food, and he occupied him from morning to evening with grueling workouts.

extreme weight loss

In just a few months a person, a fewyears of not leaving the house, was able to get a driver's license. First of all, this was possible due to the fact that he managed to fit in the driver's seat. In addition, he graduated from high school and got a job.

After a year and a half, this man weighed only 101kg, but his body was still a sad sight — hideous folds of skin hung from all sides. Thanks to television, David’s story was known to the country, and doctors offered him charitable operations that rid him of excess skin. After four surgeries and 6 months of rehabilitation, a new, completely unrecognizable Smith appeared before the audience and fans.

Today, David claims that from any, even a deep hole, you can force yourself to crawl out. He helps other people who fall into the same trap that he himself many years ago.


Chris Powell runs several programs forlosing weight, writing a book, participating in various shows. He is considered one of America's most famous fitness trainers. The most famous project in our country is its program "Extreme Weight Loss".

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Each program in this cycle is dedicated to onevery fat man. In just one year, as a result of titanic efforts, a person loses weight, acquiring normal outlines. Everything is used: the diet, the highest physical exertion, the work of plastic surgeons, and the help of psychologists. Many internal obstacles have to be overcome by a program participant in order to prove to themselves that a healthy body of adequate size is not a luxury. It is available to everyone.

Those who are not confident in their own abilities should definitely look at the program "Extreme Weight Loss".


In a variety of television programs, the trainer shares recommendations that can be followed by anyone who wishes to have a slim and healthy body.

Fundamental rules:

  • Every day, give yourself a promise to run 5 minutes, wring out 10 times, eat the right food. The main thing - to fulfill these promises.
  • Need to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Sugar should be removed from at least one meal per day. It's easy, but it works.
  • No soda. Breakfast is daily, like exercise.

american fitness trainer

  • Serving size. Chris Powell, whose slimming method becomes a pleasure, advises eating more often, but in smaller portions.
  • Have support. It does not matter who it will be - family, friends, neighbors, penpals. But doing something together is always easier.
  • To visualize. To do this, you need to buy a simple photo frame in which to insert an image of the one for which everything was started. Someone enough to portray a slim silhouette, someone a photo of the desired child - each has its own reasons to take up figure.

Chris Powell is sure that everyone can achieve his goal, the most important thing is to find the right motivation and a friend who can support in difficult times.