Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova: why is she?

Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova is one of the most specialized psychologists of our time. This unique woman can work with completely different psychological disorders of the patient.

Psychologist anastasia Bulgakova

Anastasia Bulgakova is a psychologist whose biography full of interesting facts. She was born in Moscow. Date of birth: 11.06. 1973. He has three higher educations. The first was received at the medical university, which helped her to find herself in psychiatry. The second education she received, graduating from the Psychological Faculty. And the third (optional) is the course of philosophy, which also helps her to work in practical psychology.

Why do you need a psychologist?

Currently, psychologists play a big role inour lives. Solving life problems with their help is much easier. Doing home psychology - it's interesting and even useful, but not always there is a possibility. Most often a person needs a quick help, and here you can not do without a psychologist. How to succeed? How to find a partner in life? How to act in this or that situation - these and many other questions will help to answer the expert.

Anastasia Bulgakova psychologist biography

The practicing specialist will look deeper, conductdiagnosis and determine what prevents a person from going to his goal. Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova uses completely different directions in her work. She developed her own methodology with individual training, helping to quickly get out of the crisis.

Field of activity

Bulgakova has practice in the following areas of activity:

  • Family psychology. Problems in the family, the dynamics of relations; loneliness in marriage; why there is a divorce; family atmosphere, etc.
  • Help with depression. Find the cause of the problem or situation, no matter how far it hides, and in the shortest time will help solve it.
  • Problems of adolescence. Child suicide, personal self-determination, teenage depression, teen's anger, etc.
  • The way out of personal crisis. In a short time, he will see the reason and find the simplest ways out of this situation.


Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova uses the following methods in her practice:

  • Coaching. Leading rephrasing, listening, posing questions that help to see the latest approaches to the desired goal.
  • Psychoanalysis. The theoretical direction, which came from the ideas of Freud. Analysis of dreams, analysis of free associations, as well as the interpretation of dreams.
  • Psychodrama. This is the method of D. Moreno, which consists in group psychotherapy. It is used to study the inner world of man and reveals his creative potential.
  • Individual psychology of Adler. The unity of an individual lifestyle, social interest, the principle of integrity or holism.
  • Positive psychotherapy. A specific psychotherapeutic technique that teaches us to perceive the environment in all its diversity, and not to resist it.
  • Systemic family psychotherapy. Work with all family members. This is the direction that works with the analysis and correction of interpersonal relationships.


Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova will help to find ways out of various situations related to:

  • feelings and ambitions;
  • depression;
  • business and career;
  • fears;
  • sex;
  • questions of psychology;
  • children;
  • family and relationships;
  • crises;
  • injuries;
  • dependencies;
  • personality.

Thousands of people have come out of difficult situations thanks toskills of a graduate psychologist. She has about 12,000 clients who have come out of her office with happy eyes and a smile of gratitude. Anastasia Bulgakova is a psychologist whose biography is full of professional achievements, she has been practicing for more than seventeen years, and such length of service speaks volumes.

Why Bulgakov?

consultation of a psychologist in Moscow

As mentioned above, Anastasia Bulgakova is a very good psychologist, but why exactly? It is worth telling about the reasons why people choose it.

  • It helps the patients who are being addressed to find only proven solutions to problems.
  • In its practice, it sets only realistic goals.
  • As quickly as possible, it helps to solve problems without taking up unnecessary time.
  • Thanks to the enormous knowledge he sees the problem from within.
  • Do not waste your time and money (does not stretch sessions).

At present, having your own personal psychologist is modern and fashionable, and Bulgakova Anastasia Vasilievna has a fairly large client base, which includes many celebrities.

This professional woman, in addition to personal meetings withhis clients, works as an expert on many television channels. She is invited to such programs as "We Speak and Show", "Control Purchase", "Club of Interests", "Man and the Law", "Live Broadcasting", "Psychotherapeutic", etc.

The psychologist cooperates with a considerable list of TV channels: "Russia 1", "First Channel", NTV, "RenTV", "TV Center" and others.

How to find

Consultation of a psychologist in Moscow takes place at: ul. Plyushchikha, house 27. (119121) (metro Frunzenskaya).

Working hours: Mon-Fri - from 10:00 to 22:00, Sat - from 12:00 to 18:00, Sun - the day off.

We figured out that Anastasia Bulgakova -psychologist. She certainly did not write books on this subject, but she can advise other authors whose works help people cope with many problems. So, if you decide to read something useful and related to psychology, then here is a selection of recommended works:

bulgakova anastasia vasilevna

  • Ekaterina Mikhailova. "Veredeno Vasilisa" is a profound analysis of the factors that make our women unhappy.
  • Roqueid Soher. "The man is tired" - about the fatigue of a woman and about why she ceases to deal with herself.
  • John Gray. "A man from Mars, a woman from Venus" - a description of the difference between the psychology of men and women.

To contact a psychologist, you do not need to live in the Russian capital. Consultation of a psychologist in Moscow can also take place online.

Anastasia Bulgakova psychologist of the book

Apply for help only to trusted people. Such reliable specialists include Bulgakov Anastasia Vasilievna.