Classification of advertising and its meaning

The modern world of marketing provides usa huge number of ways to tell people about your product or service. Different classes and social types of people prefer an individual approach. For this reason, advertising has been divided into species. The variety of types of advertising allows satisfying the demands of any client and buyer.

classification of advertising

Classification of types of advertising can be carried outdepending on various factors and conditions. It can be divided into social and commercial, media and personal, direct and hidden. All types of advertising are aimed at delivering information to a potential client in the most qualitative way.

Territorial classification

Classification of advertising on the territorialfeature is suitable for a wide coverage. It's no secret that each nation has its own mentality and culture. Depending on this, certain norms and rules appear that must be adhered to when creating advertising for different regional districts. So, for example, it seems impossible to advertise lingerie equally in the United States and Saudi Arabia.

classification of types of advertising
Classification of advertising by object

The object of advertising is its target audience, that is,that is, the recipient to whom the message is addressed. Depending on this, consumer and business advertising are divided. These two species are very different in their psychological approach and concept. It is very important to know for what purposes the product is purchased. If the goal is own consumption, then influence is exercised on the emotional component of the human being. But if we talk about the business form of advertising, then decisions are taken in a balanced and prudent manner. In this case, you should focus on the rationale for the feasibility of a purchase or transaction.

Method of advertising message transmission

all kinds of advertising

Classification of advertising by means of transfer is notrequires a special explanation. It's enough to look around, and you can see almost all types of advertising: bigboards, TV, press, signage, radio, Internet. In addition, it is worth noting and such types as shop exposure, promotions and covert advertising. The most effective option is the use of several channels of information transmission. It is also worth considering that it is necessary to constantly update the type of message, otherwise it will become ordinary and familiar, and in this case they will cease to pay attention to it.

Classification according to purpose

In addition to commercial advertising, you can also highlightsocial and image. These types of advertising have an individual purpose. The goal of social advertising is not gaining profit, but gaining trust and the location of the audience. Image advertising creates a certain image of the company in the eyes of those who watch it.

In the context of marketing and resource allocationclassification of advertising helps to assess the need for using one or another of its kind, eliminates the use of duplicative methods, and also increases the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.