Do you know where Montenegro is?

A tourist who first goes to the Balkans canwonder about where Montenegro is. But experienced travelers perfectly know the location of this small country, which lies in the south-west of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a republic - part of the former Yugoslavia, together with Croatia it divides the most beautiful coast of Jadran - the Adriatic Sea. And now, after Croatia introduces a visa regime with Russia, Montenegro becomes even more attractive for Russian tourists, as the country keeps visa-free entry for citizens of the Russian Federation.

Where is Montenegro

Where there is Montenegro, there is everything thatcan satisfy the most diverse demands of the traveler. The country borders on Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. And if you can get to Croatia only with a visa, then all other countries are also visa-free for Russians, so you can, while relaxing in Montenegro, expand the geography of your trips.

Although this very small country with a poeticthe name Montenegro leaves an unforgettable experience, not only for beach lovers. Naturally, Montenegrin beaches are good, their length is more than 73 kilometers. The clearest water of the Adriatic attracts divers and simple bathers. Moreover, except for the beaches in Montenegro there is Boka Kotorska - a real fjord with rocky shores. Kotor Bay cuts land in the place where Montenegro is located, on the border with Croatia.

Montenegro Last Minute Tours

There are more than 40 lakes on the territory of the country,the largest and most famous is Skadar. A small country managed to be in different geographical areas. And the Mediterranean climate of the coast contrasts with the continental mountains, densely covered with forests, meadows and natural pastures. On the territory of Montenegro you can find a quarter of the whole flora of Europe.

Plains are located around Skadarskylake, in the valley of the Zeta River. Here, nearby is the largest city of Montenegro and its capital Podgorica, during the SFRY, called Titograd. Only this region of the country is adapted for agriculture.

Ecotourism lovers will surely be attractedhigh-altitude regions of the country where national parks are located, rivers cut through canyons in the rocks. The Canyon of the River Tara reaches 1300 meters in depth, it is the largest canyon in Europe and the second largest in the world, it is second only to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. The Tara River is under the protection of UNESCO, tourists are rafted on its clear waters, receiving unforgettable impressions.

airports in montenegro

So, tourists already know where it isMontenegro. Hot tours here are especially attractive to many, especially since the country does not require visas, there is not even a visa fee at airports. It is enough to choose a date, a suitable tour operator, which will advise the best route at the best price.

If the final destination is Montenegro,The airports of this country offer different conditions of service with the help of numerous carriers. There are two international airports in the country - in Podgorica and Tivat. The latter is most popular with tourists heading for beach rest. Regular flights to Russia (to Moscow and St. Petersburg) are carried out by the airline Montenegro Airlines, there are other options for arriving in Montenegro, including charters.