Shopping in Rhodes - time spent with advantage

Do not argue that shopping in Rhodes,of course, loses its importance to the same occupation in Spanish or Italian resorts, however, every lover can go shopping in local shopping centers and markets a lot of time with great benefit.

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Rhodes itself has a characteristic feature. It is divided into two different parts: the old city, which is surrounded by fortress walls and is known as the "City of Knights", and the new Rhodes, built after the capture of the whole island by the Turkish troops.

If you want to buy a souvenirproducts, then you need to work your way into the old part. Almost all of it (except Hippoton) is a large and colorful market, located in the open air. In this wonderful place you can buy, probably, any souvenir to remember the beautiful island and the ancient city. T-shirts with the symbolism of Rhodes, different figurines of ancient Greek heroes and gods, beautiful models of ancient weapons, exact copies of ships, postcards, books and much more - all this you will find here.

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Unequivocal price for a particular product on the island simply does not exist. In every cozy shop you can quite bargain in order to reduce the cost of products that you liked.

If shopping on the island of Rhodes you a littletired, then do not worry! In the old part of the city there is a large number of all kinds of cafes and restaurants. They will help you relax and get a new charge of strength and vivacity to continue your shopping in Rhodes and buy a lot of different things and trinkets.

Very close to the old part is locatedthe famous city market. With all his looks, he is tempted to again arrange shopping in Rhodes. By the way, this place is more like the Turkish market, where you can always get fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

shopping on the island of Rhodes

Immediately after the market itself begins to takeshopping areas where you can always find clothes and shoes for yourself. This place is characterized as the center of the so-called New Rhodes. It is worth mentioning that it is very compact, and you can take a quick look at each store in the city in one day. In the city there are several attractive footwear multi-boutiques, where I pay attention to the buyers of Italian footwear, nice department stores selling both men's and women's clothes, and, of course, a huge variety of small shops with more accurate prices will make shopping in Rhodes an unforgettable experience!

There is, however, one more place where you canstock up on good souvenirs - the village of Lindos. Local craftsmen make exact copies of the beautiful plates of Lindos, which glorified the village throughout Europe in the old days. Moreover, here you can always buy good jewelry for your taste. You will hardly regret if you do shopping in Rhodes. Reviews of people who have already visited this beautiful place are extremely positive!