Beach vacation in Vietnam: the best places

Despite the fact that tours to Vietnam from Russiantourists are not so common as trips, for example, to Greece or Turkey, it should be noted that this country offers travelers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday for the low cost of a voucher. Every year more and more people appreciate this, so the influx of visitors to the coast increases. Beach holiday in Vietnam is a unique combination of exotic nature, warm soft climate and high level of service.

It is quite easy to get here, from Moscow andSt. Petersburg is sent weekly air transport to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, if the stay in the country will be no more than 2 weeks, a visa for Russians is not required. Beach holiday in Vietnam is full of vivid emotions and impressions. Here for tourists is given a huge number of options for hanging out. So, the rest on the beach is perfectly combined with the most interesting excursions to the sights, thanks to which the travelers get an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting culture of this exotic country.

beach holidays in vietnam

For those who came to Vietnam, the beaches and theirthe location will be quite interesting. For example, experienced travelers recommend visiting Nha Trang. Sandy beaches in this area are clean and comfortable, and the climate is quite mild. The village of Muine in Phan Thiet is popular among windsurfers.

Among other places that tourists have chosen,it should be noted Vung Tau, Danang, Dahlan, etc. These resorts differ from each other, primarily with services and entertainment. There are also hotels with developed infrastructure, and secluded bungalows on the beach, and places that are ideal for diving.

beach vacation photo

For those who chose beach holidays in Vietnam,photos of tourists who have been here will be quite interesting. Also before the trip you should familiarize yourself with the climatic features of the regions, since the northern regions are cooler. The best time of the year to spend a beach holiday in Vietnam is autumn. At the same time, diving at Nyachang is better to be practiced from October to April. Those tourists who chose the island of Fukuok, are recommended diving in the period from November to May. In addition to a variety of corals, there is a very rich underwater world, you can see various mollusks, exotic fish, octopus, barracuda, etc.

Vietnamese beaches

Fans of beautiful scenery worth a visitHalong Bay. This place is one of the most popular among tourists. Travel agencies often organize one- or two-day excursions here, which include a tour of the city of Haiphong and a cruise on a boat.

Beach vacation in Vietnam is idealan option for those travelers who want diversity and visiting new places. Hotel business in the country is quite developed. At the resorts there are luxury hotels and budget accommodation. At the same time, the level of service in hotels is quite high. And local cuisine, just like drinks, will surprise and please gourmets.