When and where to go in Greece

Since the school day we heard about Greece -the cradle of European civilization. Athens, Sparta, Delphi, Mount Olympus, Corinth and Crete - all these names beckon a fascinating journey into the depths of centuries. But not only the historical attractions this country gives guests. Amazing nature, hot climate, beaches and the sea, developed tourist infrastructure - all this can be found at any local resort. Therefore, to the question of where to go in Greece, it is necessary to approach, considering each concrete situation. When are you going to visit this country? What does "rest" mean to you - excursions, beach, shopping, incendiary parties?

Where to go in Greece
Where to go in Greece in winter

Despite the reputation of a hot country, in Greece there are still ski resorts. They all concentrated in the northern, mainland part of it. The most famous are Kaimaktsalan, located at the highest pointState (2480 m), Kalavryta on Mount Helmos and many smaller resorts in the Greek province of Macedonia. If the skis do not attract you, you can take advantage of the "low" season and visit Athens and Corinth. Moreover, in winter the shop tours are not going anywhere. The secret Mecca in this respect is Kastoria, where all the mods of the world are rushing to their fur coats.

Where to go to Greece to heal

Where to go to Greece

Health resorts are very numerous inthis country. The health resort of state importance is Loutraki, almost on the coast of the Corinthian Gulf. Fresh sea air and healing mineral waters make real miracles. According to legend, even the gods descended from Olympus to drink water from the sources of Lutrak. Now there has grown a real wellness complex, where under the supervision of qualified specialists it is possible to undergo a course of treatment and simply increase the overall tone of the body. SPA-procedures, therapeutic exercises, massage relieve many health problems and give a tremendous effect.

Where to go in Greece with young children

If you are going on a trip in the summer, betterchoose your holiday destination island. Zakynthos, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini or Crete - the most favorable conditions will be created for you and for a small traveler. A fresh sea breeze will soften the heat, which is subject to the mainland Greece in July. Where to go with baby? Almost every island resort has a water park with slides or a dolphinarium. And if the child is old enough to become interested in myths and the real history of ancient Greece, you can take him on a tour of ancient cities. By the way, local hotels provide all the services so that parents can enjoy traveling or each other's company by taking the child to the care of a qualified nanny.

Greece in July where to go

Where to go to Greece

Vivid impressions, active recreation, entertainment andmoderate prices - all these restless young people will find on the island of Crete. In addition to the stunning cultural attractions that have been preserved since the time of the Crete-Mycenaean civilization, here you will find wide sandy beaches and a warm sea, as well as an adventure-rich night life of seaside resorts. A favorite place for young people is also the island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. Disco clubs, water parks, night clubs and outdoor activities on the beach, conditions for diving - everyone will find here a rest for themselves.