The most popular attractions of Ottawa

The current capital of Canada was originally calledBytown The city appeared as a settlement of builders of the channel Rideau. Since 1855, he was appointed the capital of this British colony, which took as many as 29 years. Then he got his current name of Ottawa. You can answer why the capital was chosen by this provincial small town, and not Toronto or Montreal, by looking at its geographical location.

sights of the Ottawa

Wanting to find out what Ottawa is famous for,to the “Baytown” museum, where the entire history of the capital is concentrated. It is located in the oldest building of the city, built in 1827. In addition to the exhibits, which are devoted to the history of the capital, there is also an exhibition of everyday objects of the nineteenth century.

Notre Dame Basilica - the main attraction of Ottawa

The Basilica is a magnificent Catholic cathedral, which was built near the Byward Market in the neo-Gothic style.

Sights of Ottawa: the residence of the Canadian Parliament

Monumental building located at the topFifty meters of Parliament Hill, its style is very similar to the architecture of the Parliament of London. Its construction was completed 4 years before the country gained its own statehood. For tourists, the building is open all year, even when it houses the Senate, the Government of Canada and the House of Commons. In summer, everyone can look at the solemn changing of the guard - this gives the place an additional splendor and solidity.

Ottawa Attractions: The Secret Knowledge Bench

This bench is a famous sculpture made by Lee Vivo, a female sculptor. The monument is located on the street. Wellington, before entering the Archives of Canada and the Library.

Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Channel connecting Kingston and Ottawa. The total length is 200 kilometers. This is the oldest canal in Canada.

the main attraction of the Ottawa

Gatineau Park in Ottawa

Famous for its amazing landscapes park. Its area is 360 km. Its sights include 5 public beaches, Pink Lake, Lask Cave, covered with marble inside, as well as Mackenzie King Manor, which belonged to the tenth Prime Minister of the country. The latter is famous for mysterious paths, landscaped gardens and picturesque ruins.

Ottawa Attractions: Parliament Hill

This is a grand complex of architecture, built in the Gothic style. This is the seat of the Parliament, the Parliamentary Library and the Senate.

Sights of Ottawa: Tower of the World

It is a symbol of Canada, which towers over the Hill of Parliament. The height of its clock tower is 55 m.

Central Experimental Farm

This farm is a researchinstitution of the country. Here are the Ornamental Gardens, the Dominion Observatory, the Agricultural Museum, the Botanical Garden, and the Wildlife Garden.

what is famous ottawa

Wakefield Settlement in Ottawa

This is a favorite vacation spot of all the Bohemian capital. It is famous for its local sights and picturesque landscapes, including the covered bridge thrown over the Gatineau River, McLaren Mill, barn tower (the highest on the whole continent).