Planning a trip to Crete? Elounda is waiting for guests!

Greece is a wonderful place to relax: chic service, clean, warm sea, picturesque landscapes - a paradise on Earth! And this statement is true both for the mainland - the amazing trident Halkidiki - and for the placer islands -

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Crete, Rhodes and Kos.

Choosing a resort

Crete is a real little world, separatedfrom the continent by the Mediterranean Sea; here every holidaymaker will find for himself something special, something that he lacks: solitude or active recreation, attractions or a luxury beach strip, underwater world and walks by land. The island can be conditionally divided into several resorts, each of which has its own flavor. If you are interested in history and sights, you should pay attention to Heraklion. Do you want to get chic service and rest in the best hotels? Easily! For you, opens its doors to another resort on the island of Crete - Elounda.

Location Elounda

This wonderful and cozy town settled onshore of a small quiet lagoon, but if you want you can swim in the Gulf of Corfu or Mirabello, which are nearby. Thanks to the favorable location on the island of Crete, Elounda is buried in the green of trees and shrubs, the sea is surprisingly warm, and the whiteness and purity of the beaches is amazing. It is here that there are hotels of premium class, with VIP service, excellent service,

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wonderful cuisine. Not far from Elounda there is another town in which life beats the key - Agios Nikolaos. Visit him if you are bored by Elounda,

Holidays in Elounda

About to spend a week or two in Crete, notforget that in addition to an excellent beach holiday, there are many activities with which you can diversify your vacation. For example, if the entire island of Crete Elounda seemed to you the most attractive resort, do not forget to visit the ruins of an ancient settlement, made in Byzantine style. You can get there by renting a car or a bicycle; if you are not afraid to walk the distance - do not deny yourself the pleasure of strolling through the picturesque expanses of the Greek resort.

Best hotels of the island

Well, you made some time to rest andintend to enjoy luxury in all its manifestations? Then Greece, Crete, Elounda are waiting for you. There are such hotels as Grecotel Elounda 5 *, one of the chain of world hotels, Porto Elounda 5 *, Elounda Beach 5 * deluxe, Elounda Mare 5 * and other hotels of this level. Especially popular is the hotel on the island of Crete - Elounda Beach, located in a huge area next to another hotel, Elounda Bay Palace, and having a

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their common infrastructure. A whole complex of lounge and lobby bars, restaurants, swimming pools, recreational facilities create a wonderful atmosphere for holidaymakers, and the step-by-step accessibility of the sea makes the hotel really luxurious. All rooms of the hotel are distinguished by an increased level of comfort and are equipped with air conditioning. However, you are unlikely to want to spend days in the room when there is so much interesting around! In addition to the animation program for adults and children, you can actively spend your free time doing one of the sports offered to guests, or relax in the spa, visit the museum or enjoy one of the daily show programs. A significant advantage of the hotel is the provision of free sun loungers not only at the pool, but also on the beach.

So, if you are still in this dreamland (onCrete), Elounda will welcome you with its luxury and splendor! Do not forget to visit the themed evening - a Greek night in a hotel or one of the local taverns. This is an unforgettable event: tables are full of delicious dishes of local cuisine, and the restaurant is flooded with wonderful music, to which the artists are dancing the incendiary sirtaki!