Meshcherskoe Lake - what awaits the reservoir in the future?

Meshcherskoe Lake - the city lake of Nizhny Novgorod, a monument of nature of regional importance. Earlier, the reservoir connected to the Volga River with a small channel,

Meshcherskoe Lake
but at the moment the duct is washed, and fillingIt is carried out due to melting snow and precipitation. The length of the lake is 1.1 kilometers, the width is 170 meters, the maximum depth is 4 meters. From the middle of November, a freeze begins here, which lasts about 4 months. The soil is sand.

The territory of the natural monument refers toa natural zone of coniferous-broad-leaved forests. At the moment, natural vegetation (the same applies to soil cover) has been altered under anthropogenic influence. On an area of ​​0.035 km.kv2 bogging of the reservoir.

Vegetation near the coastal zone is not homogeneous. The southern shore has an inclination angle of about 20 degrees, and from the side of the boulevard one can observe separately standing trees (maples, poplars, willows). The age of local tree species does not exceed 30 years, in some places plantations are highly dense.

Meshchersky Lakes map
Meadow vegetation is closer to the shore: clover meadow, wormwood, reed grass, bent grass and others. In shallow water Meshcherskie lakes (the map of the reservoir reflects their features) are "populated" by forest reeds, reeds and bubbly sedge. In some places the shore is littered, traces of fires are visible. In the eastern part of the reservoir, there is a storm collector, through which the waters of the pass-through communication channel enter the lake.

The northern shore of the lake is enclosed by a concrete barrierheight 2.5 meters, as a consequence, virtually devoid of vegetation. On the contrary, the situation on the southern side is different, there is a dense strip of sedge, manna and other representatives of the flora of moist zones.

Meshcherskoe Lake - photos of the reservoir are only partlytransfer its beauty - it is also a zone of natural development of zooplankton, which is characterized by a low biomass value. Its species composition is typical for this part of Russia: rotifers, branching crustaceans, paddlers and others.

Meshcherskoe lake pictures

Meshcherskoe Lake is classified as a reservoir of the 2ndfishery categories. In the literal zone there are small areas of the water area, overgrown with aquatic vegetation, which serves as a breeding ground for fish. In the reservoir in general, there are favorable conditions for the habitat and reproduction of fish. It has about 12 species: perch, roach, overhead, char, etc. On the lake, birds of the gull family feed, including a small tern, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the region.

Meshcherskoe Lake, as already mentioned, leavesto wish for the best in terms of overall sanitary indicators of the state of the reservoir. It is especially sad that the indicators of this state (color, transparency, carbon dioxide content) correspond to similar parameters of most other ponds in the country.

Mescherskoe Lake still plays an important rolewater protection role for the Volga River, and also serves as a recreational resource for the inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod. The pond is used for bathing, amateur fishing and has aesthetic value in general.