Lake Peito is an asset of Canada

Nature surprises man, fascinates with the beauty of his unique creations. Lake Peito - just one of such extraordinary places.

Short description

The lake is located in the Canadian Rockies inAlberta at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level. The length of the reservoir is almost three kilometers, and the width is eight hundred meters. Lake Peito occupies more than five square kilometers of the territory. It feeds mostly glaciers. Scientists believe that the lake itself is formed by a glacier. In form it resembles the head of a large wolf, which also attracts tourists.

Lake Peito


The lake in Canada is one of the most picturesqueand extraordinary places on earth. It is named after the traveler, explorer and pioneer of Lake Bill Peito. In the early twentieth century, Bill explored the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. He made some photos of the one he liked, and the lake almost immediately became famous.

To date, a lot of tourist bases have been built around the pond, it is possible to engage in fishing. Here you can catch pike, trout, salmon.

Lake Peito attracts tourists and unusualturquoise water color. Many scientists believe that melting glacier waters that feed the lake bring mountain glacial flour and rock particles. They turn the water flow into a dense turquoise.

Banff national park attractions

Tourists, to view the lake from a height, you needclimb up the mountain, where it's very cold. Therefore, you need to dress warmer. Having risen to a considerable height, a person discovers an inimitable look. Peyto, thanks to his picturesque paintings of nature, is one of the most frequently photographed places.

Banff Park

There, in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, is the oldest national park Banff. Attractions of these places attract more and more tourists every year.

The park was created in 1885. Then in these places were discovered hot springs, which they decided to unite in the protected area. Banff occupies about seven thousand square kilometers of the territory. Nearby are such national parks as Yoho, Jasper and Kootenay. In the early twentieth century there was the first opportunity to visit the park by car, and soon there began to organize excursions by bus. One of the longest freeways - Transkanadskoye Shosse - passes through the national park.

The center of the park is a small but cozy cityBanff. There are many museums and several art galleries. The city hosts film festivals and various cultural events. Near the town is a small village of Lake Louise. It is a landmark on the edge of Lake Louise. This view is depicted on one of the Canadian banknotes.

lake in canada

In the park there are three ski resorts, which are also sights.

Banff Park has many glaciers, glacial fields and dense forests. It inhabits 56 species of mammals, including rare ones.

Banff and Lake Peito are captivating with the uniqueness and picturesqueness of the local nature, and are also among the five most visited places in America.