Exceptionally successful holiday: Vietnam. The recall of the experienced tourist will not let you lie

Exotic and mysterious sounds of the jungle, overgrownlianas walls of Buddhist temples and elephant riding, inexpensive but high-quality hotels and unspoilt beaches, unparalleled beauty of the bays and stunning cliffs rising from the water - all this attracts tourists to Vietnam. Recreation (reviews of 2013 will tell us about this) here is just exceptionally successful. Of course, for those who know how to choose and understand the sense in the ratio of "price-quality." And he also loves a diverse and tasty cuisine, in which the national, regional and European (mostly French) notes are very bizarre and at the same time lacociously combined.

Holiday Vietnam Feedback

Connoisseurs of this country are increasingly giving usrecommendations on how to better rest here. Vietnam, reviews of which are beginning to occupy the top ten TOP impressions about the most rated countries for relaxation, is famous for its excellent tourist infrastructure, stunning scenery, good service and the cheapest prices in the region.

Beach holiday - Vietnam. Reviews of the sea

And in the season, and in the rains - it's always good here. True, if it is a question of the southern part of the country, in the north in winter the rain drizzles, as in Paris. But it's always hot here, so do not forget good sun creams, and avoid direct exposure to its rays. And then burns can go very long, if you do not care. Many tourists do not boast of beaches - both public and hotel. And if your hotel is on the first line and has its own exit to the sea, then you have a chance to enjoy the vai-fae directly on the beach. Many resorts are located so that a constant breeze blows from the sea. This helps to tolerate the heat here.

Vietnam vacation reviews 2013
Cuisine and leisure - Vietnam. Reviews of food lovers

"Old-timers" of this country do not recommend buyingtours on the "all inclusive", and advised to take hotels only with breakfast. It is then that you are faced with truly immense opportunities. After all, local food is not only exotic, but also varied, and to try at least a hundredth of it, you need to go to cafes and restaurants to choose an institution to your liking. Holidaymakers first of all appreciate fish and seafood - after all, they usually live on the coast, where all these gifts of Neptune are fresh and cheap. Another fruit is Pitahaya, yellow mango (sweet and completely unlike Mediterranean), rambutan, king of durian fruit (if you know how to eat it and get rid of bad smell, of course). The country is also famous for such dishes that you will not try elsewhere - from crocodiles, snakes, scorpions ... Well, of course, the soup "pho" - the competitor to the Thai "tom pit" - is mandatory in the menu. Almost no equal to local coffee - after special brewing in a strainer it acquires a unique taste.

Best rest in Vietnam

Shopping and recreation - Vietnam. Reviews shopaholics

Even in Soviet times, tourists went for silver,pearls, silk products. Of course, the country is still not depleted, and modern holidaymakers also get all these souvenirs in abundance. But now you can not so expensive to get these exclusive items - for example, different fashion accessories from crocodile or snake (python) skin. By the way, it's worthwhile to go to the markets (especially night ones) just for the sake of exotics and entertainment, but real good things for almost the same prices offer supermarkets "for local" - "Maxi Mark" or "So Or".

But the best holiday in Vietnam - as claimedThe tourists who have seen everything in the world are independent routes, outside of large and popular resort areas. There you will see a real exotic, and not imprisoned for Russian "Potemkin villages."