Azure pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan

Recently, the newtourist destination: Armenia, Lake Sevan. Rest on the banks of this reservoir is considered elite. Once a small industrial town with the same name today has turned into a developed resort with hostels, private hotels, boarding houses, cozy national restaurants. Sevan is ready to receive guests all year round, but the peak of the season, naturally, falls on the summer months.

Lake Sevan

What is Lake Sevan (Armenia)? Photos show us an amazing, azure blue color, a watery surface, as if resting in the arms of high mountains. Seeing this lake, Maxim Gorky said lapidary: "Yes, it's beautiful!" But Armenian classic Avetik Isahakyan said about this landmark of his country: "Sevan is so beautiful that one does not feel sorry for him and drown". Indeed, the bowels of the lake beckon, fascinate. Fresh mountain air turns your head, and in the water you can count every pebble at a depth of eleven meters!

Lake Sevan Armenia photo


But from the point of view of the mundane science of geography,Lake Sevan is of volcanic origin. It was formed about 25 thousand years ago due to the eruption of the Geghama volcano, when the lava created a natural dam near the Hrazdan River. Where did this name come from the lake? In the ancient chronicles it was called the Geghama Sea (Gehama Tzov). But in 874 on its coast by two princesses Mariam Bagratuni and Syunik the monastery was founded. The building was erected from a dark tuff. "Black Monastery" - in translation from Armenian Sev-Vank gave the name and water area, on the bank of which it still rises.

Lake Sevan is high altitude. Its elevation above sea level is 1896 meters. Because of some narrowing, the water area is conventionally divided into the Greater Sevan and the Lesser, but in the geological, geographical and biological plan the lake is one. From the west it is surrounded by the Geghama mountains, in the south - by the Vardenis. The Areguni and Sevan ranges extend to the north and east. The area of ​​the water area before the construction of the hydropower station was 1415 square kilometers, but has now shrunk to 1,246 km2. Due to shallowing, a small rocky islet connected to the land.

Armenia lake sevan holidays

In terms of tourism, Lake Sevan providesnot only sunbathing and bathing. By the way, under the southern sun of Armenia the water warms up to 24 degrees in August, and this is almost two thousand meters of altitude! Beachers expect a lot of water activities: water bicycles, catamarans, yachts and pleasure boats, surfing and water trampolines. Many hotels are equipped with large heated pools. The shores and water area of ​​the lake are also national parks and sanctuaries. But fishing is allowed. In the depths of the lake there are Sevan trout and a specially launched valuable fish Ladoga whitefish.

Rest in winter

Lake Sevan is of interest to tourists andin winter. In its northern part on the slopes of the mountain opened a new ski resort. From the shore of the lake to the top you can climb the cable car, and stop to rest to fully use the day for skiing at the hotel "Akhtamar 4 *". From the veranda of its restaurant you can see amazing views of the mountains and the frozen surface of the lake. And for comfortable beach holidays comfortable rooms of the hotels "Avan Marak Tsapatakh 4 *" and "Blue Sevan 3 *" are suitable.