Where to rest in September? Excursions or the sea?

September is a time when the summer seems to beended, and autumn has not yet come. Of course, in Russia most of the holidays fall just on three summer months, but there are those who go on a long-awaited journey in the very beginning of autumn. If with June, July and August everything is clear, then where to rest in September?

Where to rest in September

In fact, September is the ideal time forrecreation. In many countries there is already no scorching sun, but the tender rays of it have remained. In addition, the sea is fairly pleasant for the body temperature, so you can swim safely for health. It should be noted that the cost of permits to many resorts is much lower in September than in July or August, and there are practically no tourists at that time. Let's figure out where to rest in September.

Want to sea? You can, of course, choose near abroad, for example, Crimea or Bulgaria, but the water temperature in the coastal waters will be a couple of degrees colder than in other parts of Europe. Do not advise the travel agency to go to Croatia, Greece and Italy for the same reason. True, the south of Italy can offer you excellent weather and warm sea in September.

The most popular destination at this time of yearis considered Cyprus. That's where you can relax in September at sea! It warms up to 26, and even 28 degrees, but the sun does not fry, and this means that rest will not be debilitating. Among the European countries should also be allocated to Greece and Turkey. Where to rest in September in Greece and Turkey? The best resorts for this time of year are Antalya and Rhodes. Tourist tours in these areas are two, or even three times cheaper than in the summer. Perhaps, these are all European cities where you can swim in the sea in September.

Where it is better to have a rest in September

Where to relax in September in the Arab countries? In the first place in popularity among tourists at this time of year is still Egypt. In September, you will not be able to burn in this country, but it is quite possible to enjoy the warm rays of the Arab sun. The sea here is several degrees warmer than, for example, in Turkey or even Greece.

On the second place is Tunisia. It is in September that tourists prefer to travel to this Moroccan country, because at this time of year there is a comfortable weather for recreation. Even in the deserts, you will not be exhausted by the heat, so you can enjoy a truly comprehensive rest. As for the sea, its temperature is moderate. It does not burn cold, but it does not burn the body.

Where you can relax in September
Where it is better to have a rest in September? If it is a question of excursions, then one should think about Europe. At this time of year there is no scorching sun, and there is not such a distraction from excursions as swimming in the sea. Beautiful and most important interesting architectural structures, museums and cities are located in such countries as Spain and Italy, Germany and France. A lot of popularity recently earned from Russians Czech Republic. In September, it's best to avoid England, because at this time of year there is almost a day's rain, and Scandinavia is not recommended to visit.