Beach vacation in Spain: the best places on the coast

Spain currently occupies one of theleading positions among other resort countries of the world. Here reigns a joyful, bright atmosphere of the holiday, which attracts travelers from all over the world. Beach vacation in Spain is not just a pleasant pastime. The vacation spent here will become unforgettable, filled with only positive emotions.

The most popular resorts of the coast of the countryare considered Costa Dorado and Costa Brava. A gentle sea with sandy beaches, cozy coves and breathtaking landscapes - all this and more attract tourists here. Summer vacation in Spain can make an indelible impression on travelers. In addition, at this time of year, many travel agencies provide discounts on travel.

beach holidays in Spain

In Costa Dorado, tourists can have fun innight clubs, go to restaurants, practice water sports. Prices for accommodation in hotels are low, and the quality of service will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. This place is ideal for those who are interested in youth holidays in Spain. Most hotels in Costa Dorado offer all the facilities for living with children. In the town there is the famous amusement park "Port Aventura", which is sure to interest both small and adult travelers.

youth holidays in Spain

Beach vacation in Spain - this, of course, such islands as Ibiza, Mallorca and the Canary Islands. Each of them is unique in its own way and attracts a certain category of travelers.

Ibiza is popular with young people around the world.This island is a place of pilgrimage for fans of various subcultures. There is a huge number of entertaining and dancing institutions that work around the clock. Despite the fact that the resort is designed, for the most part, for active tourists, they will find a quiet place on the island and those who prefer a quiet beach holiday in Spain. It is enough just to choose cozy villas or quiet hotels, located just outside the noisy youth center of San Antonio.

Mallorca is considered one of the most expensiveresorts, there are all conditions for a comfortable and luxurious holiday. The island is characterized by unique natural landscapes and clean air, there are no industrial facilities on it. Tourists in Mallorca can visit the elite yacht club, make an excursion to the pearl factory, visit an outrageous party. Rest in this place can turn into a kaleidoscope of bright events and colorful impressions.

summer vacation in Spain

Describing a beach holiday in Spain, you need, of courseAlso, mention the Canaries, which are quite popular among Russian tourists. Thanks to the unique climate, travelers can come here at any time of the year, while they will be greeted by the warm sun and the gentle sea. In Tenerife, tourists will find a unique combination of natural beauty and a rich cultural program. Those who are interested in the history of these places can visit various sights, museums, etc., if they are tired of lying on the beach under the hot Spanish sun. Arriving in the country for the first time, of course, it is recommended to visit the local restaurants offering delicious dishes prepared according to unique recipes.