Bali in September - "paradise" for tourists

In our climatic zone, September bringsrainy weather and a cold snap. With the arrival of this month, the population begins to actively prepare for the cold and damp. And Bali in September is heat in the daytime and cool in the evening hours. This month is considered the most successful for visiting the island.

Climatic conditions

In September, the island does not come seasonrains, and during this period the sun becomes less active. This does not mean that tourists are freezing at this time. No, the daytime air temperature reaches +30about.

Tourists do not have time to get sunburna few hours after arriving in Bali in September, unlike the summer months. In this period strong dry winds stop on the shore and rest becomes more comfortable.

Bali in September

The water temperature is approximately at + 26-27about. Thus, the difference with the air quality is minimal and the tourists can swim comfortably.

Where to go?

Holiday in Bali in September is perfect fortourists who like active walks with visits to sights and long excursions. This is due to milder climatic conditions and humidity of 70%, which gives a feeling of freshness.

At this time you can not stop walking at lunchtime to hide from the blazing sun. It will be enough to wear light clothes with a long sleeve and go to travel around the island.

In September, the number of tourists decreases herein several times in comparison with July and August. Therefore, traffic jams and crowds do not threaten vacationers. You can get acquainted with the interesting culture of the island at a leisurely pace and even try to master the elements of batik. This kind of art is very popular in Bali.

In September, the island begins the season of marriages. This rite of local residents is very colorful and full. Tourists are happy to watch him and can take part in it.

Often couples are so imbued with the atmosphere of traditional weddings that on arrival at home they do not put off their "long box".

Relax on the beach

Bali in September, according to tourists, is idealsuitable for swimming in the clear ocean. Here, white sandy beaches and a lot of sun loungers with umbrellas on them. The island has a large selection of such places for recreation. Very popular among families with children are Jimbaran and Nusa Dua.

At this time, many surfers come to the island.Because the tourists are much smaller on the beaches and doing the favorite sport becomes much more convenient. The only negative are frequent outflows. Then you can not swim in the ocean. But with this nuance can easily be handled.

Bali in September reviews

On all corners of the island, tides occur in differenttime and you can visit during this period another beach. Service in holiday places remains at a high level throughout the tourist season and September was no exception.

Bali in September: reviews

According to tourists, this time is ideal for traveling to the island. The cost of tours is reduced quite appreciably and the money saved can be spent on entertainment or excursions.

Bali in September reviews of tourists

Climatic conditions are ideal for children at this time. They very easily tolerate acclimatization and already the next day on arrival they feel confident and comfortable.

In September, according to tourists, you can get tointeresting festivals and holidays. The most memorable in the polls were the bull race. On this holiday you can get a portion of adrenaline and get acquainted with the traditions of the local population.

Also guests of the island celebrate interesting excursions to the temples. In September, for one such hike, you can travel a few attractions, because unbearable heat in this period is not observed.