Long lake, Leningrad region: description, rest, fishing

Lake Long (Leningrad Region, KarelianIsthmus) is located in the Vyborg district. Eight kilometers away is the city of Zelenogorsk (north-east direction). The reservoir refers to the basin of the river Lower, which flows through it. The coast of the lake lived. There are recreation centers, cottage villages, cottages. On the northeast coast there is a sanatorium where people with tuberculosis are treated.

Characteristics of the lake

The long lake is small. The surface area is about 0.7 square meters. km, and the catchment area - more than 84 square meters. km The pond is not for nothing called. It is narrow, but significantly elongated. The length is 3 km. The distance between the opposite banks does not exceed 0.5 km. Almost the entire coastline is built up, but there are areas with greenery - mixed forests, shrubs and meadows.

long lake

The long lake has a glacial origin,belongs to the group of Simaginsky lakes. The depth of the reservoir is small, in some places it reaches 8 m. The average depth is 4 m. The bottom is flat, without sharp drops. There are many sandy beaches throughout the coastal zone. The silt zones begin no earlier than 10 m from the coast. The lake is fed by underground keys, so sometimes even in summer time the water is sometimes cool. Near the coast, where the sandy bottom, transparency reaches 3 m, but at a depth this figure decreases to one meter.


At the beginning of the summer season in the media constantly soundwarnings that swimming in many waters is prohibited. Therefore, residents of the Leningrad region are interested in: Is the Long Lake clean, does it meet sanitary standards, and can you swim here?

Tourists who came for the first time onpond, it will seem a bit muddy. However, this is not because it is dirty, but because of peat deposits. It is comfortable to swim here in the summer, as the water warms up to + 25 ° С. On the beaches of clean sand, shallow shore. Plenty of room for sunbathers. Depth more than 2 m begins only 10 m from the coast. Therefore, you can come to rest with children.

lake long fishing

Often tourists stop here.build the whole tent cities. Next to the coastline is a mixed forest. There are edible berries and mushrooms. Birds hover above the pond. And you can meet here as waterfowl and predators.

Lake Long: fishing

Fishermen will not be bored here either. A lot of fish live in the pond. True, copies of underwater representatives are small. However, the amount of catch will delight any fisherman. Pike, perch, pike perch, ruff, white bream and others live here. For those who want to effectively spend time fishing, it is worth using a boat. Given the shallow depth near the coast, you should not expect a large catch. At most, you can count on shallow water - small perch or roach. Most fishermen use spinning or float fishing rod. As bait fit worms, bread, semolina.

Long Leningrad region

Recreation center "Sunny Beach"

As mentioned above, Long Lake -enough habitable place. On its coast was built recreation center "Sunny Beach", which is popular among tourists. To stay here are offered comfortable rooms in a two-story house. There are gazebos, tables, and a mangal zone on the territory. For those who like to spend time actively, a game of paintball, a climbing wall, a shooting gallery and a rope town are equipped. On-site parking is free. You can rent quads and boats. The latter are offered both for boat trips and for fishing. The recreation center is located near the Ring Road. In order to come here, you need to move along the A120 highway. The distance is approximately 40 km.