Zolinsky - a lake for new experiences

Zolinsky - the lake (Nizhny Novgorod region),which is considered a resort for locals and its guests. Here everything is provided and equipped for a quality stay. In these places - clean nature and pleasant warm waters.

Where is

This small but beautiful pearl is inNizhny Novgorod region in the Volodarsky district. Nizhny Novgorod and this pond shares 60 kilometers. As the lake is located on the territory of the village of Zolino, it was named Zolin. The lake is the pride of the locals.


This small pond has the form of a droplet. Its length is 0.5 km, and the width of the reservoir is about 300 meters. Since the lake is not too deep, only five meters, in the summer, the water in it is warm enough. Also it can boast of extraordinary purity and transparency. The coastal zone is mostly sandy, so in summer all the villagers come to Zolinsky. The lake only in some places has thickets of sedges and reeds. Near such vegetation bushy shore.

Zolinsky lake

The surrounding nature also hasfull rest. The area is located in a strip of mixed forests, in which gentle birch trees, slender pine, alder and larch predominate. In some places you can see small oak groves. In these forests, there are many bushes of honeysuckle, buckthorn, hazel, Kalina.

Since these are real Russian forests, they are richon berries. Also, many guests, having doused themselves in the lake, wish to go for mushrooms. The surroundings of the lake are filled with the voices of many different birds, which makes holidays even more enjoyable. Walking through the forest, you can meet badgers, hedgehogs and hares.

Rest on the lake

Given such an environment, manyfamilies from the Nizhny Novgorod region come to rest on Zolinsky. The lake has placed on its shore a recreation center with small houses for guests. But some holidaymakers do not mind staying at the local residents. On the territory of the base there is an equipped beach with barbecue areas, tables and barbecues, pavilions and playgrounds. Like all modern bases, there are sports entertainment. Traditionally, there is a Russian bath with a therma.

Near the beach there is a rental point for water transport - boats and catamarans. Also nearby there are horses, on which you can ride.

Zolinsky Lake Nizhny Novgorod Region

For the rest, either side of the lake is suitable. There are several sandy beaches and summer cafes. If you come on your own car, recreation centers offer parking. You can come to these fascinating places not only in summer, but also at any other time of the year.

If you arrived just for a day, you can order a summerhouse for rest. Also on the lake there is a camping.

Fishing on the lake

Another nice feature of recreation can bebecome fishing. Fishermen from different parts of the region come to Zolinsky. The lake contains in its waters roach, perch and crucian carp. This is the fish that comes in large quantities. But also as a trophy sometimes drops out a pike, a bream, a minnow or a rudd.

Zolinsky Lake: reviews of holidaymakers

Zolinsky lake reviews
In these wonderful places many have already visited. Apparently, the surrounding setting, nature and the lake itself are delicious. But some guests from other cities were disappointed with the service of their chosen recreation center. Many did not like the service and attitude of the staff. So, for example, a sauna was ordered, which they did not have time to prepare for the appointed time, or the promised braziers near the gazebos had to be dug themselves.

Some rooms may be weakelectricity, which also in the evening makes its discomfort. Therefore, guests who have already visited the modern bases on the lake, recommend to be more attentive to the choice of the company, which will have a vacation house.