What is the sea in Bulgaria?

Sea holiday on the coast of this country isa worthy alternative to vacation in the Crimea or Turkey. All the same, the Bulgarians are a friendly people, and the climate in their country is more familiar to the Russian people. You can not ignore the factor of understanding the local population of the Russian language. So what sea in Bulgaria? The country is located on the Black Sea coast, which has a length of 378 kilometers and is divided into two parts, the South and North, the Balkan Mountains.

what sea in bulgaria
The Republic of Bulgaria is located in the South-EastEurope, in the north-eastern part of the Balkans. In the north of the country is Romania, in the south - Turkey and Greece, in the west - Macedonia and Serbia. In the east of the country is the Black Sea, behind which is Russia and Ukraine.

If you plan to relax in these wonderfulplaces or, moreover, to buy a house in Bulgaria on the sea, remember that the southern coast of the season lasts longer, real estate - cheaper. For recreation there is everything: resorts with noisy restaurants, discos and entertainment for young people, as well as quiet small villages, where in high season there are not many foreigners.

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In the north-east the situation is different. Infrastructure here is more developed, resorts are more fashionable, real estate, and life itself is more expensive. If you answer the question of what kind of sea in Bulgaria in this region, it is cooler than in the south, and is designed for more experienced holidaymakers. There are hills, even mountains, from the second and third lines from the sea, the apartments offer magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. But to get to your home, you have to go up. In the south, the path from the beach home will be flat.

Why recently more and more domestictourists buy permits in Bulgaria? The answer is obvious: the resorts of the country are convenient for any tourist. There are also Soviet-type multi-storey hotels, and the most modern hotels that meet all the world's requirements, and comfortable apartments, and private villas. Many monuments of local and Ottoman, Roman and Thracian culture. The capital of Sofia is a symbol of the strong connection of the present and the past, it is over 7000 years old, it contains more than 250 monuments of history and architecture.

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Considering the question "what sea in Bulgaria",it can be estimated from the salinity side: it is two times less salty than, for example, the Mediterranean. Thanks to this, water does not pinch your eyes, and if you also take into account the fact that almost everywhere on the coast it does not immediately start from the depths, and the approach is smooth, it becomes clear why young families with children and elderly people go to rest here.

The main resort towns are Varna,Albena, Balchik, Elenite and Golden Sands. Here is located the largest and most famous resort complex called "Sunny Beach". It combines about a hundred hotels on 16 kilometers of excellent beaches, surrounded by greenery, gardens and tennis courts. Also there is the oldest of the resorts of the country - St. Constantine and Elena, located in a magnificent green park with many mineral springs.

So we figured out what kind of sea in Bulgaria. It remains only to note that almost all the beaches on its coast are sandy, and only very rarely can there be rocky coves. But there are enough amateurs and such places, so they are also not empty. Sun beds and umbrellas everywhere can be bought, rented, brought with them. Most beaches provide free places for guests to stay.