Rest on the Maldives: reviews and recommendations

Maldives - a separate state,located in the Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka. By right, this place is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Describing holidays in the Maldives, reviews of travelers who have been here, talk about the high level of service and the unique natural landscape of the islands.

Here you can spend holidays with your family or yoursecond half. No wonder the Maldives are considered a place surrounded by an aura of romance and bliss. The turquoise sky and azure waves caressing the white sand of the coast will not leave indifferent even the most experienced tourists. Holidays in the Maldives reviews and recommend how active pastime. Fans of surfing will not be disappointed with the "good" waves of the Indian Ocean, which are near some islands. Divers will enjoy the fantastic landscapes that open underwater, as well as the richest flora and fauna. The charm of night fishing is not even worth mentioning.

vacation in the Maldives

For tourists vacation in the Maldivesattractive and the fact that there is a well-developed infrastructure, as well as offering quality service in all institutions. Getting here is quite simple - planes take off from Moscow regularly, following direct flights to Male. The journey takes about 9 hours. Between the islands of transportation are carried out with the help of helicopters and boats. On land, bikes are the main transport.

Holidays in the Maldives reviews recommend the mostfor those who want to relax, tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities and dreams of living at a leisurely pace that this resort offers for at least a few days.

In most cases, each island is one.hotel designed for a limited number of guests. Hotels here are dominated by 4 * and 5 * categories, the type of "bungalow". Some institutions offer accommodation in wooden houses located on stilts, which stand directly above the water. Among the advantages of such living is a quiet lapping of the waves right under the floor.


In addition, among non-traditional types of housingthere are rooms on yachts. The cost of such pleasure will be the same as for a stay in a good hotel, however, there is an opportunity to see different atolls, as well as scuba diving at any time.

holiday in the maldives reviews

One of the main pastimes thatMaldives offer - beach vacation. The gentle sea, sandy beach - everything here has to ensure that you can relax as much as possible under the hot sun on a clean shore. The advantage of the resort is a small number of tourists in a huge area, so that for travelers who love solitude, this place will be as comfortable as possible.

Holidays in the Maldives reviews are described as verybright and giving unforgettable impressions. The best market where you can buy souvenirs, as well as diving equipment, is located on Male. Despite the fact that the cost may be slightly overstated, bargaining is not accepted here. For those who care about their health, in the Maldives are open spa centers offering many services in this area.