Tramp Park (Nizhny Novgorod): address, photo and reviews

In Nizhny Novgorod, they love jumping on trampolines. This can be judged by the number of active sites for practicing this sport.

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Trampoline centers of Nizhny Novgorod

Today, five such complexes operate in the city. All of them are quite popular, and it is likely that soon new establishments will appear in Nizhny Novgorod. And today the guests are always welcome:

  • in the trampoline center "Weightlessness";
  • in the park Razgon;
  • in the Panda Club trampoline complex;
  • in the trampoline park "Up";
  • in the Gagarin trampoline park.

Today we will visit only one of them - the trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod) "Gagarin".

What are the benefits of jumping on the trampoline?

This trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod) is aa unique and unique site of the city for adult visitors and children. Here you can usefully and cheerfully spend time with your friends or family, get a lot of positive emotions, quickly lose a few extra pounds and find a tight sports figure.

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Jumping on a trampoline not only gives the bodynecessary load. Gentle mode of training allows you to redistribute the load on the joints and spine, without increasing it. Therefore, the trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow highway, 83 B) is visited by people not only with various physical training, but also of different ages.

As a result of regular training,joints of the ligament and spine, develops endurance and flexibility, coordination of movements. Training allows you to get rid of flat feet and scoliosis. It is important to know that jumping on the trampoline will not only allow you to restore the figure, but also bring pleasure, a lot of positive emotions and allow you to relax.

Description of the park

This is the newest in the city complex, opened inMarch 2016. The trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow Highway), a photo of which you can see in this article, already has admirers and regular visitors. He offers them a platform on which are placed eighteen different in rigidity trampolines.

For beginners, blue, softer trampolines are suitable. If you once were fond of acrobatics or professionally engaged in jumping on the trampoline, then you can try your hand at a white projectile with a competitive grid.

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The trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod) has a foam rubberpit, measuring 9 mx 4.5 m, filled to the top with soft cubes. In it you can "dive" from the take-off or land after jumping on the trampoline: your landing will be safe and soft.

In addition, the park has:

  • acrobatic inflatable path;
  • skipping ropes;
  • balance-boards;
  • Other sports equipment (mats, a Swedish wall, etc.).

Visiting rules

All visitors to this wonderful trampoline park(Nizhny Novgorod) firstly acquainted with the rules of conduct, as well as safety techniques. The instruction is printed on two sheets, and it does not take much time to study it. Then the adults put their signature under the document, and from that moment they can go to the spacious dressing rooms to put on the sports uniform, and leave their clothes in the locker with the lock. The sports uniform and shoes are an indispensable condition for visiting the hall.

While a group of several people is going, youYou can sit in the waiting area, where there are vending machines for coffee, snacks, and a cooler. At the appointed time, the group is invited by the trainer and holds another very short instruction: where you can and cannot jump, where you can walk safely. After that, the group goes on trampolines and is engaged on them for an hour.

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Forms of visits

Each person visiting the trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod) can choose the most convenient option for themselves. It can be:

  • individual sessions;
  • free entrance;
  • group classes with a coach.

In addition, the following sections work in the park:

  • fitness;
  • trampoline jumps;
  • acrobatics.

Currently enrolled in children's groups.

Additional services

In the trampoline park is given the opportunityorganizing and conducting a bright and unforgettable birthday for an adult or child, an informal event for friends, a corporate event, during which a professional instructor will demonstrate the original tricks on the trampoline, and then tell you how to perform them correctly.

He will teach you to jump to such a height that youit seems that gravity no longer exists. I must say that the children from such activities come to a complete delight. "Gagarin" - trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod), which guarantees you a sea of ​​bright and unforgettable impressions.

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Cost of visit

"Gagarin" - trampoline park (Nizhny Novgorod),whose address is Moskovskoe shosse, 83 B, is very popular in the city. The ticket price for an adult is 300 rubles, for children from 3 to 12 years old - 200 rubles, kids up to three years old attend the park for free. Young people under the age of eighteen must show parental consent when visiting the trampoline park.

Tips for visitors

Preferably call the park andreserve time, because the peak of visits falls on the period from 19:00 to 21:00 hours. Tickets for this time are very quickly bought. Many believe that it is at this rush hour that it is better not to strive to get into the hall, because too many people gather and it becomes crowded. It is better to postpone the visit to an earlier or later time.

And one more tip: If you have back problems, spinal problems, first consult with your doctor. If he thinks that with your illness, classes will not be harmful, and perhaps even become useful - do not waste time and go to the gym.


Most visitors to the park believe that thisA wonderful place not only for relaxing with friends, but also for family fun. The center is colorful, originally decorated in a space style. Already after several sessions in a fitness group, people get a charge of vivacity and positive. Muscles are noticeably strengthened, but do not forget about safety rules so as not to get injured.

Experienced athletes recommend before startingclasses to warm up. Visitors note that classes on the trampoline helped to lose weight, to bring a figure into shape. There is a disadvantage to the new site: when the coach is busy in paid classes (for example, on an acrobatic track), there is no one on the court who could give advice on the implementation of one or another element.