Beach holiday in the UAE - give yourself an unforgettable experience

Eternal question - where to spend a vacation?It is, of course, simpler for the non-indulgent philistine - almost all the countries of the world have not yet been consulted, which means that you can start erasing the geographical scope from any country. For those who have already become classic in recent years, rest in Turkey or Egypt has become boring, we recommend that you pay attention to the magnificent resorts of the United Arab Emirates, luxury hotels, golden beaches and incomparable service.

Beach holidays in oaé
Beach vacation in the UAE runs from September to May,When hot days are replaced relatively cool nights. In the summer months it is better to abstain from resting in the Emirates, because the temperature at this time can rise to forty degrees with an air humidity of 90%. Rains are rare here, precipitation falls mainly in the winter.


The level of service in the UAE is on the properlevel. Part of this is explained by the fact that almost all the employees are hired, and in case of job loss, many are threatened with deportation from the country. Another plus for the domestic tourist - no one will beg for tips - the country's legislation provides for responsibility for begging.

Holidays with children in oaé
Beaches and Hotels

Coastline hotels have their ownbeaches. If you choose a city hotel 2 * or 3 * for leisure, then you can visit a free city or paid beach. A free shuttle bus runs from the center to the beaches and in the opposite direction. Most of the hotels that are in the center of the cities have an arrangement with first-class hotels to visit their guests by the respective beaches. As for the choice of the emirate, the beach holiday in the UAE has its own characteristics, depending on the location and established customs. So, for example, the most popular resort - Dubai - is gradually changing the vector of development towards business tourism. Here the night life is actively boiling, restaurants and numerous clubs are working. Fans of diving should pay attention to Fujairah, and supporters of a compromise option - to Sharjah.

Holiday in oaé with children
Holidays with children in the UAE

As already mentioned, opportunities for recreation in theThe UAE is multifaceted. Here you will find yourself and lovers of nightlife, and supporters of a more peaceful family vacation. Smooth entry into the sea, all kinds of entertainment, water parks, dolphinariums, zoos, endless attractions - this is not a complete list of what the small tourists are here to offer. And children's rooms in large shopping centers, rather, resemble fairy-tale palaces, stuffed with everything that kids love so much. Recreation in the UAE with children is also attractive because for them there are a lot of special programs and discounts, which makes travel more affordable.


A beach holiday in the UAE involves knowing some of the features.

The country has excellent roads, and rent a car is relatively inexpensive - about $ 25 per day.

Using a taxi, remember that they are not equipped with counters, so the fare should be discussed before the trip begins. It is cheaper to "catch" the car than to take a taxi to the hotel near the hotel.

Tap water in hotels is suitable for drinking, however, as a rule, guests are offered water in bottles.

Do not forget about Ramadan, the holy holiday of Muslims. At this time, it is better to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking cigarettes on the streets in public places.

Beach vacation in the UAE will certainly remain in your hearts. This is a special place where you want to come back again and again.