Rest on Rhodes - Incarnate Dream of Paradise

The island of Rhodes, according to legend, was raised from the sea by the godsand at their whim they sprinkled with rose petals. The beauty of Rhodes nature truly amazes even the most sophisticated travelers. This most picturesque of the Greek islands is so beautiful that one can readily believe that it was created by the gods. And rest on Rhodes is just an embodied dream of paradise.

Once there was erected a statue in honor ofthe god of Helios - Colossus of Rhodes, the eighth wonder of the world. A huge statue of a height of 37 meters was installed here at the beginning of the 3rd century BC near the entrance to the harbor. The statue was destroyed by an earthquake, but the memory of her is alive to this day.

Resorts of Rhodes

The resorts of Rhodes are diverse and different from each otherfriend. Here you can find everything that a free tourist soul wants. If you like diving, choose the area Faliraki, if you prefer to be alone with nature, the ancient town of Kamiros will have to you as well as possible. Rest on Rhodes will please even the most fastidious.

Nature of Rhodes

The island is contrasted and has many faces. Quiet medieval streets here perfectly get along with entertainment centers. You can see monuments of ancient Greek architecture and the most modern water parks next door. The tourist infrastructure here is built according to the latest word of the world trends, but human nature does not harm its local nature.

Here the greenery of cypresses, olives andcitrus fruits. Picturesque beaches resemble pictures of paradise on earth. The Aegean and Mediterranean Seas stretch at the feet of tourists. The place of their separation by a thin sandy scythe is called "Kiss of Two Seas". A miracle of the local nature is the Valley of the Butterflies, which are constantly curled in colored clouds over the plane trees.

Summer here lasts from April to the end of September, however, there are about 300 sunny days per year here.

Hotels in Rhodes Island

Holiday in Rhodes is perfect for loverssilence and lovers of outdoor activities. There are noisy beaches and a well-developed infrastructure of entertainment facilities, as well as quiet cozy small restaurants and small quiet areas.

The choice of hotels here is very wide: family hotels, youth hotels and real palaces on the coast.

Many hotels are decorated exclusively in Greekstyle, it is very original, and, certainly, it is necessary to the liking of tourists. The hotels themselves seem to be part of the richest local culture and architecture.

Entertainment and excursions

Rest on Rhodes can be made active and noisy. You can go on a journey through Knights Street, visit the Palace of the Grand Masters, the ancient city of Kamiros, the temple of Athena and the legendary Acropolis.

Arriving not Rhodes, visit the capital of the island,a unique reserve in Paradisi. The most important landmark of the capital of Rhodes is the port of Mandraki. It is here that according to legend the famous Colossus of Rhodes

In the evening, you can take part in popular festivals with live music and national dances, try real local cuisine.

At night, you can go to the resort of Faliraki, which is a huge entertainment center.

Tours to Rhodes

A trip to Rhodes should be planned in advance toto fully experience his magic and splendor. At the same time you can book hot tours to Rhodes. This will give you an unforgettable time in one of the most beautiful corners of the earth. Prices for last-minute tours to Rhodes will be more than profitable.

Book tours, airplane tickets and numbers foraccommodation in hotels is possible not only with personal visits to tour operators, but also through online applications through the Internet. This is very convenient, because it saves time and allows you to choose from the options of the resorts that you like most, and, of course, affordably.

Tours to Rhodes are very popular among tourists: they are interesting for ordinary people and art people, who are attracted to the opportunity to come into contact with the ancient civilization. Here, every minute is full of impressions that remain for life.