What is the famous lake Pleshcheyevo?

Lake Plescheevo is popular with moderntourists place for sports and cultural recreation. Nowadays the zone is protected, as here there are animals and plants listed in the Red Book. The history of this place begins about 30 thousand years ago, and there are very interesting facts in it.

Plescheevo lake: map, features and history

Lake Pleshcheyevo
Nowadays the surface of the reservoir has an area of ​​about 51 km2, in ancient times the lake was much larger.Just look at its eastern or southern shore, and you will see the boundaries of the original water bowl. According to its origin, Lake Pleshcheyevo is glacial. Since time immemorial, it has attracted people who preferred to settle near its shores. A unique feature of the reservoir lies in the relief of its bottom. The maximum depth is 25 meters, the surface is flat, on the shores - shallow water. If desired, an adult can walk quite far from the coastline.

Pleshcheyevo lake map
Cultural and historical attractions

The lake was famous for the fact that it was herean experimental Russian fleet was built. Today some interesting exhibits have been preserved in the museum-estate. Among them is the legendary bot, which, according to the legend, the tsar did with his own hands. Famous lake Pleshcheyevo and a miraculous monument - a blue stone. If we believe old-timers and scientists who studied this object, today a small part of the object rises above the ground. The estimated mass of blue stone is about 12 tons, and most of it, respectively, is hidden underground. Regularly here comes a huge number of tourists, because according to the legends, the stone can cure many diseases and fulfill any kind desire. Not far from Pleshcheeva Lake there are several old monasteries, and in the zone of reach - the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, part of the golden ring of Russia.

Plescheevo Lake holidays

Pleshcheyevo lake: recreation and tourism

In the warm season around the lake is functioninga huge number of campsites. For living in such tent camp it is necessary to pay, not all parking places have an exit to places where you can swim. There are also full-fledged sports facilities, some of which take guests year-round. One of the most popular sports here is windsurfing. In the lake there are more than 15 species of fish, the possibility of fishing should be learned from the administration of the reserves or from the owners of recreation centers and tourism. In certain seasons, catching certain species of fish is permitted.

With caution should be walked and in localforests, because many species of plants and fungi are also listed in the Red Book. There are also in the protected area children's summer camps, as well as sanatoriums and health facilities for patients of different ages. If you want to see Lake Pleshcheyevo, but you do not like nature tourism, you can stay at one of the hotels in Pereslavl-Zalessky. From the reservoir to the city is quite easy to get by private transport, there are also tourist buses that have a regular traffic schedule during the daytime.