Unforgettable beach holidays in Greece

Mysterious and beautiful, sunny andhospitable, gorgeous Greece is always pleased with its guests. Beach vacation in Greece attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world to this country every year. It would seem that all over the world there are seas, beaches, beautiful climate. However, the flow of people who want to relax in this corner of the world does not stop. Why?

beach holidays in greece
Undoubtedly, some of those coming to the countrytourists wish to get acquainted with a huge number of monuments of art, culture and architecture of this great country. However, most guests dream of combining the study of attractions and beach holidays in Greece.

Annually the beaches of Greece (so the Greeks call theircountry) occupy a leading place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world. However, it should be noted that "the best beach" - the concept is very subjective. It can not just be a strip of clean sand that goes beyond the horizon. Some of them are perfectly clean sea water, others - delightful landscapes, others - excellent service, etc.

In order to immediately feelan unusual beach holiday in Greece and feel the difference with other world resorts, we advise you to go to the bay of Balos. The road to the bay is not easy. Maybe that's why the pristine beauty is preserved here.

greece beach holidays

In this place three seas merge. You will be amazed by twelve shades of water, will fascinate an ancient fortress on the island of Gravmus, may be interested in legends about the old pirate treasure, and the extraordinary beauty of the bay itself will delight. In this bay, they spent their honeymoon Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

And now let's move to the city of Loutraki,which is located one hundred kilometers from Athens. A small resort town on the shore of the Corinthian Gulf. Beach holidays in Greece, and in Loutraki in particular, will leave an unforgettable experience. Beaches in the city are municipal. The purest sea, the depth begins quite sharply. However, you can relax with children here, too. For toddlers there are special areas for bathing. For sun loungers and umbrellas you only have to pay if you use them.

Beach vacation in Greece - the main viewtourist business. The country has 2,000 islands. The largest and most visited are Cyprus, Corfu, Kythira, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Lesbos, Samos. All the islands of Greece are grouped together. For example, the islands of Dodecanese. In order for you to become an unforgettable active beach vacation, Greece is an ideal place. You can choose islands with noisy nightlife or for a quiet family vacation.

beach holidays greece

A necklace of pearls on the Aegean Sea - Cyclades. The sea and the sun, a well-groomed sandy beach, monuments of history and culture, excellent shopping, fun life at night. At your service are many restaurants, cafes and discos.

Ionian Islands - this is a lush brightVegetation, which makes them completely unlike the others. Impressive architecture of cities and towns, made in the Venetian style. Magnificent Greece, beach vacation - it's not just a lounger on a sandy beach and a glass of juice. It is also the oldest monuments, the sights of our time, this is the lifestyle of the Mediterranean.